Moon Circles


Moon Circles began as Morning Tea, daily postings of my energetic reads of the day as I woke up with my cup of tea and connected with my guides. I posted them in response to a friend’s need at the time, as she wanted to understand what she was experiencing in the daily fluctuations of that time. So, as long as she needed them I posted them. 

After a few months, we both felt that daily posts were no longer necessary. She didn’t need them that frequently, and I was starting to see larger and longer patterns that I wanted to address more specifically, resulting in fewer posts. These patterns usually coincided with the phases of the moon, with each cycle beginning and ending with the New Moon, so the idea of flowing with the moon cycles through a Moon Circle began. Occasionally, there will be other moments of significance during a moon cycle which will result in additional posts during that time.

With each post in this category, the following principles apply:

The New Moon is always a time for setting intentions for that cycle and the theme highlights a particular area of focus for maximum intention-setting benefits. Any intentions that are made can be given extra weight by writing them down on yellow paper with a red pen.

The Full Moon is always a time of ripening and release, allowing that which has completed to fall away in order to make room for new growth. The theme of the cycle aids in noticing and actively participating in allowing the appropriate thoughts, behaviors, patterns, systems, actions, and relationships to fall away through awareness and gratitude.

By participating even a tiny bit in the repeated cycles of intentions and release, our consciousness elevates, affecting the planet and those around us.

Thank you for shining your light with me. It is an honor to work with you.




Did anything resonate?

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