Who Is My Team?


There are many different opinions offered in describing guides and teams and your spiritual support group. Some resonate with me, most feel incomplete. The following is what fits best for me, and is what I mean when I refer to these two groups of beings. If you’re interested in a more detailed description of my perspective, I recommend reading Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton.

Imagine that you’re playing on a sports team. Imagine that your coach or coaches are teaching a particular skill and you’ve been chosen to demonstrate the skill or be the volunteer in the lesson as they teach. As the coaches teach or demonstrate, the rest of your teammates are watching and learning alongside and through you. Because they’re your teammates, they are for the most part your equals…you all have the same range of skills and abilities. As some progress, they may transfer to the next higher level team, but so will you, eventually.

This is what your lifetime on Earth is…a demonstration or testing of a skill that you’ve learned in the higher realms. You are both learning and teaching, and your teammates are watching and supporting you. They are your equals when it comes to their levels of enlightenment and consciousness. Some have incarnated on earth, some haven’t. But all are learning in the same class together with you, and they have a responsibility to support you and help you…just as you do with any of them who incarnate into human form. You have all worked together for many lifetimes and have similar goals for learning. Therefore, when you learn something, it’s important to invite your team to learn that lesson along with you. When you do this, their support of you can increase because you aren’t feeling their issues and confusing them with yours.

Similarly, the coaches of the team are the guides. Your guides are a team of wise beings who are your teachers. These teachers are more advanced in their development and progress than you or your classmates/team. They are not necessarily the highest evolved beings, but there usually is a range of abilities and wisdom. This means that if they don’t know the answers to something, they will go learn from their teachers and come back with an answer or solution for you. Additionally, it’s wonderfully important to know that your guides chose you. You were selected by them to work with them. They want to work with you because they value you and what you have to offer. Additionally, they simply love who you are and love to work with you. Because they are your teachers, they will not necessarily remove obstacles in front of you, but they will show you solutions and give you the strength and support you need to conquer and solve the situations…if you ask.

If you’re energetically sensitive, chances are you are already familiar with both your team’s and guides’ energies and they will feel like home to you. When I began connecting with my guides, the first one to step forward was a woman…a mother energy. As her energy flowed to me, I felt as though I was enveloped in a beautifully nurturing and familiar hug. I asked her how I knew her, and she reminded me of those nights when I had cried myself to sleep. Some of those nights I had woken up to feel someone stroking my hair or my back, or felt someone lying behind me so that I was supported. I remembered gaining full consciousness and turning to see who was there, only to find myself alone. I often wondered if I had dreamed the whole thing. She showed me that I hadn’t dreamed it…it had been real and she had been the one to comfort me in those difficult and lonely times.

Learning to consciously work with these two groups of beings is transformative. They are important resources for manifesting, insight, support, encouragement, companionship, and love. But, because of the law of Free-will, they cannot get involved with you in this dimension unless you ask. So ask! And ask them to help you learn how to hear them and receive their wisdom.


2 thoughts on “Who Is My Team?”

  1. Thank you for this perspective. I’ve only just started working with my team and I very much enjoy your perspective and the reminder to get better acquainted with them.

    • Wonderful! I’m always delighted when someone resonates with my perspective. This work has been so transformative for me that it’s exciting to watch and hear others’ journeys too…it teaches me a lot. I’m sure your team is excited to communicate more with you too. 🙂

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