Who Are You Connecting To In The Higher Realms?

by Endre Balogh

by Endre Balogh

This is a really important question…one which could be beneficial for everyone to ask of themselves at any given moment of the day.

When I was six-years-old, my parents moved to East Africa…where I lived for the next  12 years. At that time, there was a lot of fear on the continent, which attracted lower energetic entities. Because I was so sensitive energetically and wide open to connecting to anyone and anything, I attracted these lower energetic entities to me. No amount of prayer helped…because I too was filled with fear. I had no idea what was going on or why this was happening or how to stop it. And, because the Africans around me were also sensitive energetically, they confirmed what I experienced…confusing me even more. Because it was such a negative experience for me to connect energetically to people or entities, I begged for the gift to be turned off. It wasn’t, but it was turned down for quite a while…until the appropriate teachers came to me at the perfect time.

When they did, they taught me, and continue to teach me, how to manage my energy and intentions as well as my connections. I’ve learned to control who connects with me and how to discern the frequencies of the beings in the spiritual planes and protect myself from those I wish to avoid. Because I am so familiar with the lower frequencies and my reactions to them (run away), it’s very easy for me to know when I’m connecting with a higher frequency being. A lower frequency being radiates fear and doubt, which is a miserable state that I wish to avoid. A high frequency being, on the other hand, radiates unconditional love and joy, which is a beautiful experience that I never want to end. Now when I enter into a session or a meditation, I specify that I will only connect with beings of love and light…and I’m supported in that intention, and protected.

Additionally, when I spend time in meditation each day, I connect with various high frequency beings…both for practice and for myself. The more time I spend with these beings of love and light, the more familiar I am with their frequencies in connection with mine…similar to recognizing someone’s voice. We work to create a spiritually intimate relationship so that when I am in a session with a client, we (the high frequency beings and I) can connect effortlessly so that the client can receive the greatest blessing possible. I am constantly exploring and learning and developing relationships with high frequency beings, and often invite them by name into our sessions. Each one has at least one specialty, so the appropriate being will often ask to join a session if he/she has something to contribute to the situation at hand.

When that happens, I offer to teach the clients how this high frequency being wants to interact with them so they can continue to learn and work with this being even after the session has ended. Many clients are now aware of their entourage around them…available to them at all times…and it’s beautiful to see them utilize their resources and create miracles in their lives as a result.


2 thoughts on “Who Are You Connecting To In The Higher Realms?”

  1. This is my first time on your website, and I feel teary eyed, I mean my emotions are welling up because I sense you are sooo beautiful. I haven’t cried in years, the tears just can’t flow. I am 65 years and I live alone in a hostile environment, so I’ve had to be strong to survive. Wow! Thanks so much for the Q&A”s Ann K

    • Ann, thank you for your tender heart and for sharing that with me. I am deeply grateful that you are starting to connect with yourself, your loving nature, and tremendous power. May you find the love and support you seek within yourself so your outer world can reflect it back to you.

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