What Is A Body Deva?

by Deja Allison

by Deja Allison

The idea of a body deva is not a common one. While most spiritual teachers will teach that we are souls having a physical experience, most do not address the issue of what or who the body actually is. Scientists are now acknowledging that the body has a consciousness of its own, but that’s as far as they are willing to go…mostly because they have no idea how to identify, measure, and quantify this consciousness. And, there is a reason for this.

A body deva, as taught by one of my teachers Aleya Dao, is the spirit of the body…the consciousness or soul of the body. The consciousness of the body has been repressed for the majority of the earth’s recent history…and for the majority of the population. The agreement for much of Earth’s recent history was that the body would be a passive participant in the star soul’s Earthly experience…allowing the temporary rider of the star soul (your consciousness) to run Earth’s product, the body. Because of this agreement, the lifespan of humans shortened dramatically…from 900+ years to 70-90 years if we’re lucky. This is because the star soul has no idea how to run the body…only the body deva knows how to do this…to heal, prevent illness, and live a very long time. This is why your body can cultivate an illness, such as cancer, and you have absolutely no idea that it’s been there until something significant happens to bring it to your attention.

One of the many exciting things about this particular period in history is that the agreements between the body deva and the star soul are changing to a collaborative agreement. A collaborative agreement with our body devas means that our lifespans have the potential to dramatically increase along with this shift. It also means that our selfish treatment of our bodies will change as we honor the fact that we’re just guests in a host body, also with a soul capable of transformation.

The body deva too has a Divine Line. This line resides within the spinal column…starting at the brain and traveling down to the coccyx. Energetically, the body deva’s Divine Line also has a loop that extends both above and below the body, grounding into the heart of Earth/Gaia. Gaia is the body’s Source and the consciousness of Earth. It is important for the body to regularly connect with its Source, just as we as star souls need to regularly connect with our Source through prayer or meditation of some kind.

When we as star souls come into our host bodies, we enter through the back of the neck and attach our Divine Lines to the front of the spine…all the way down to the coccyx, through Gaia and back to our Source and celestial grounding grids…creating our own cosmic loop. In a healthy star soul/body deva Divine Line attachment, the star soul’s Divine Line will be woven to the spine, creating communication potentials throughout the entire body. This melding of energies can be seen in the energy fields of the body. We as star souls are electrical in nature; the body is magnetic in nature. Similarly, the higher three chakras relate to the star soul and the electrical grids and the lower three chakras relate to the body deva and the magnetic grids. The magical chakra is the fourth chakra, Anahata or Heart Chakra. This is the chakra where the two energies mix…electrical and magnetic…star soul and body deva. It’s where communication begins, and the source of the team’s creative power.

This melding creates the most intimate relationship two souls can have…sharing the space of one body. Learning to co-habitate and co-operate with each other is the next big task in our evolution as humans. I am only just learning how to do this, and I am already in awe of the results so far…the potentials of this relationship are truly staggering.


6 thoughts on “What Is A Body Deva?”

  1. Very eloquently explained!

  2. Thank you! I’ve recently started working with Aleya through her offerings on her website and have to say I didn’t have a clear idea of the body deva until I read this. I assisted me greatly.

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