What Do You Mean by Energy Fields?


Energy fields are the grids that surround every living being or entity. Most people haven’t been able to see these grids so far. But, there are some people who can…including watching the energy move in, through, and out of the fields. Interestingly enough, this incoming generation will have more people who can see them than can’t.

Every life form has an energy grid that surrounds it…plants, trees, animals, even rocks, cars, and words. When addressing the human experience, there are at least seven layers in a person’s energy field. Each of them corresponds to one of the seven major chakras, or energy centers, in the body. Chakras, like acupuncture points, are responsible for bringing energy into and out of the body. Each chakra has a specialized focus which is how it can correspond to the energetic layers around the body. In a nutshell, the chakras’ Sanskrit names and corresponding energetic bodies are as follows:

  1. Muladara/Etheric or Lower Physical Body
  2. Swadhisthara/Lower Emotional Body
  3. Manipura/Lower Mental Body
  4. Anahata/Astral Body
  5. Vishuddha/Template Body or Higher Physical Body
  6. Ajna/Higher Emotional Body
  7. Sahasrara/Higher Mental Body

Because of each of these layers’ and chakras’ specialization, it’s important to keep them all healthy and flowing. When a river flows in the spring, there may be a lot of leaves or logs or trash that has built up through the fall and winter months, but as long as the river keeps moving, eventually it will all flush away. If the river clogs, however, dis-ease happens…through flooding or stagnation that harbors insects or mold. Even just the tiniest little break in the clog will allow the river to start flowing again, which will support the health of the river and the environment around the river.

Energy work applies that same principle to the body and its energetic layers. All aspects are balanced in order to bring flow back to those areas that have gotten clogged. Sometimes there are areas that have been stagnant for quite a while, so it may take a while to get things moving again, but with persistence, patience, self-love, and the assistance from the higher realms, balance can always be restored.


Did anything resonate?

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