What Do You Do?


A session with me begins before we even meet face-to-face. It begins consciously the moment you schedule a session with me…at least 24 hours prior to our face-to-face meeting. Any intentions you can share with me at the time you schedule the session will help focus my attention and enable me to bring in the most powerful information and shifts available to me.

Once a session is scheduled, I set the intention to receive information from the higher realms that they wish to share with you. I will meditate and use dream time to connect with your higher self in the other dimensions in order to prepare for our face-to-face session. I also prepare the space and time for our meeting to hold all the energetic information we need for the greatest healing possible.

At our face-to-face session, there will be some forms to fill out, and I will ask if there are any other intentions that you have discovered since the session was scheduled. I will also ask about your health history and areas of tenderness…both physical and emotional, as often these will be areas I will be sensitive to, particularly in our first session together.

When you are ready, I will invite you to lie on your back on the massage table. There is a pillow and blankets if you need them. You do not need to take off your clothes, or even your shoes if you’d rather not remove them. I will turn on some supportive music, and stand at your feet.

I will create an energetically safe space before I touch you by connecting first with Divinity. As someone who has experienced both physical and sexual violence, touch and safety is a sensitive topic for me. So, I will never force anything on you…physically, emotionally, or energetically. When I’m ready to touch you, I will ask both your soul and your body permission to touch you. Only when both agree will physical contact be made, and at that point I will only touch your feet. There may be times when I need to touch your body in order to gain better information, but I will not do it if it’s uncomfortable for you, and I will always ask permission first.

Throughout the session, I will be tuned in energetically both to your soul at the level of its higher self and your body deva. I will ask for the most important issues to be addressed, along with the intentions you have set for the session. As I energetically scan the body, I will ask you questions and communicate the information I’m receiving. As areas are identified, I will ask my higher self to relay the solution to me. I will then heal that situation within my energetic fields and/or body, demonstrating it to you, your soul, your energetic fields and your body. Again, I never do anything to you…I simply model to you how to heal yourself. You then have the choice to heal or not to heal. You also have the choice to delay or slow down the healing…or speed it up. It’s entirely up to you what you experience and what you allow to be received.

When the time is up, or I feel that your energetic fields are full, I will close the session. You may feel dizziness, swirliness, buzzing, heat, cold, tears, relief, tickling, coughing, burping, gas…many different physical sensations as the energy starts to flow again. I will always ask you if you feel safe as this is happening, and work to ensure that you do. Because energy work means light increases in the body, dehydration happens rather quickly. I will bring you a glass of water, and give you time to reorient yourself to this dimension and a new way of viewing yourself, the world, and your place in it.

I will also write up a sheet of recommendations for continued practice at home after the session, based on what was addressed. If there is a recommendation that has come through from the higher realms that I need to research, I will tell you that, ask for your email address, and send you the information later. I will also invite you to subscribe to this blog for the Morning Teas, and ask if you want to schedule another appointment.

My philosophy is that the body wants to heal itself…it just needs the appropriate tools to do so. Those tools are different for each person and for each circumstance, so it’s vitally important to stay in tune with your soul and your body in order to maintain health and vitality. I also believe in teaching others how to heal themselves, so it’s important to me that this work is available to everyone. While I do believe that everyone should pay something for this work, it’s more important that I do this work from a place of love and abundance than from a place of needing money. So, if you want a session from me and you’re worried about your finances, talk with me and we’ll find a workable solution for both of us.


Did anything resonate?

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