Do You Have to Touch Me?

~ by Russell l. Klika, SSG , USA

by Russell l. Klika, SSG , USA

I am so glad someone asked this question.

As someone who is energetically sensitive to everything around me, and has experienced both physical and sexual violence, I completely understand why this is an important question. I will not automatically assume these are your reasons for asking this question, but I want you to know that I understand sensitivity to touch.

The answer is, no. I do not need to touch you in order to work with you energetically. In fact, I don’t even have to be in the same room with you. I can work with you over the phone at a distance.

A student of mine was in New York City a few months ago. She was auditioning to a performing arts school there and was really nervous due to last-minute changes to the requirements. She felt unprepared, yet she really wanted to do well and be accepted, as this was her school of choice. She texted me the morning of the audition, completely freaking out.

Through texts, we were able to work together to come into a place of clarity and calm and peace around her audition. We were also able to go forward in time to the moment of her audition and fill that space and time with all the intentions she desired. Once she was ready to go, I ended the session with her, but held space for her and her intentions during her audition. Immediately after her audition she texted me, telling me that it was the most amazing experience she’s ever had on stage. Just a couple weeks ago she received a letter of acceptance from the school, and she sent me a text to tell me and to thank me for helping her through the process. I, of course, cried and shouted for joy right along with her…so honored and grateful to have been part of her journey.

Whatever your physical needs are, or wherever you are in the world, I can connect with you energetically and work with you. All you need to do is ask, be open, willing, and accepting and anything is possible.


Did anything resonate?

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