Do I Have to Undress?


What a wonderful question!

As I have mentioned in other places, I am extremely sensitive to my environment and it’s really easy for me to be overwhelmed with all the sensations and energetic vibrations around me. Somehow, clothing helps to lessen the intensity of some of those energies if I haven’t taken the time to create a protective energetic shield. So, undressing…particularly for complete strangers…can be quite challenging, if not traumatic. Also, as someone who has experienced physical and sexual violence, I completely understand the vulnerability issues and safety issues that surround the need to undress for health services.

That said, the answer is no. You do not have to undress for a session with me. This is one of the biggest reasons I love the kind of work that I do…it’s so non-invasive and is accessible to anyone. It allows for the patient to be in control of his/her experience at all times, which aids in healing issues around safety, vulnerability, and fear.

When having a session with me, please feel free to tell me if this is an area of concern for you so that I can be aware, sensitive, and supportive of you during our time together.


Did anything resonate?

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