Frequently Asked Questions


When I first became aware of my spiritual gifts I had a lot of questions. Unfortunately, I was still a very young child, and the Christian culture around me believed that these gifts were evil. I tried to ignore my abilities, but once-in-a-while they would activate strongly and I didn’t know what to do. Neither did anyone around me. And, because of their fear, I learned to keep quiet about the richest and most beautiful part of my life.

Thankfully, my mother, while highly skeptical and nervous, listened to me and respected what I had to say. As a result, I often shared with her and asked her advice as to what to do with the information I had received. Even though she usually didn’t know what to tell me, I greatly appreciated her willingness to listen and struggle through the doubts with me. This was how I lived with my gifts until I converted to Judaism.

At that point, teachers flocked to me, and I finally felt free to ask questions about my abilities…and learn how to harness them and temper them and use them appropriately.

This will always be an ongoing process, and I want to encourage a culture of open exploration and questions, for true growth and learning begins with a question. Here are some of the more frequent questions I have asked or people have asked me. I will continue to post questions as I learn, and as you ask…being a librarian, I love any opportunity to research and learn!




Did anything resonate?

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