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by Nikolaj at Zastavki.com

A few days ago, through a series of unanticipated events, I found myself wandering in a store of gems. The gems ranged from an inch across to five feet tall…all quite remarkable and full of life. As I came around a display, one crystal seemed to reach out to me. When I looked in that direction, my eyes landed on a seemingly unremarkable piece, and yet, the moment I looked at it, my hands turned on and instantly became hot. Needless to say, that crystal came home with me. It was identified as being a Golden Lemurian Seed Crystal, and I have chosen to use it to facilitate some direct channelings for this moon cycle. Here is what has come through:

Aries: I can teach you single-minded, committed perseverance towards achieving a goal, or desire. The process may not be pretty or elegant, but incredible strength is the by-product. Eat your Wheaties, and meet me in the training yard.

Moon: When water and fire mix, steam is created…a product that is both dispersed and powerful. Steam powered many engines, moving people around the planet. Similarly, let this combination provide movement for you in positive ways. It may be sudden and unexpected, and has the potential to be abrupt at times, so tighten the seat belt and hold on, pretending you’re on an enjoyable roller coaster. 🙂

My Higher Self and Guides:

Greetings Dear Ones

We are here to encourage you. You have done tremendously well. We are so proud of you, if pride is something to exist on this side. Indeed, we tell others about you and marvel at your tenacity and ability to persevere in the darkest of times…and not only persevere, but persevere in hope. Oh yes, there are moments of despair, and this is to be expected, for it has been a dark time indeed. And yet. You keep going. And succeed. And this is remarkable to us. So we honor you.

We also wish for you to know that you are dearly loved. No one has greater insight into what you are going through than those who are here with you in every breath…particularly those of us who have been a human…sometimes alongside with you. Again, we marvel that YOU are the true super heroes, and you don’t even know it.

In such times, it is easy to say that all is lost and there’s no hope, for it does seem to be the case, if we would casually look around us. Life continues as it always has, and nothing seems to be changing despite so many efforts.

And yet. When in your history has anyone in government been so influenced by constituents? When have judges received discipline over a ruling? When have so many women been able to unite so easily and be heard by a vast amount of people? When have there been such large groups of people joining together to speak truth, come what may, and be heard and make a difference? These shifts are because you have learned, as a collective. Humanity is beginning to live and respond with compassion and love towards the suffering. As the Humans of New York creator said, “[We are] followed by the nicest 25 million people on the Internet.”** And the number is growing…because of each of you. The more each of you taps into the heart and the love that exists in that space, the greater the effect you have on the planet.

Remember, though, that hate becomes more obvious in the face the face of great love. This does not mean that hate is stronger. No, indeed, for hate is a lower energy process, and is less coherent a frequency than love. So it must work ten times harder…nay, a thousand times harder than love in order to exist, much less create an effect. So, focus on the love.

Love what is easy for you to love…

love your children…

your partners…

your pets…

the sunny days…

the flowers…

the beauty…

the food you eat…

the comfortable beds…

the clean water…

the safety of your surroundings…

your vehicles of transportation…

Whatever brings you joy, love that with the fierceness of a warrior, for that is the Aries energy…use it to magnify the love in your life. In this way you will positively empathically affect the planet and the consciousness of humanity so that the negative effects of this fierce, warrior energy will not be able to get very far.

The more fear is shown to you, or the more fear that pops up inside you, the greater the importance to find the love that is inside you. Surround yourself with that inner love, and reflect that into the world around you. It doesn’t take a huge candle or a strong light to make a difference in a dark room. Be that small light, if you think that’s all you can manage…for even that small light will create ripples of change. And as you continue to practice holding that light of love, you will get stronger…and so will your light and effect.

So search for the ways to love…especially yourself. How? By celebrating your known strengths. What are you good at? As one little girl once said, “I’m really good at falling down!” And she was! If you are too, LOVE that part of you by appreciating your ability to fall down well. If you are good at making a particular recipe, appreciate that about yourself…deeply. If you are good at driving calmly, appreciate that deeply within yourself. Find the things about yourself that you can appreciate, and value them…appreciate them…express gratitude for them…bask in the feelings of them, and this translates to loving yourself. Then, as you fill up on your love and appreciation for yourself, it then becomes a very easy thing to love how you move and interact within the world externally…reflecting that inner love out on to the outer world.

This is the message for this new moon…increase your inner love with a ferocity akin to saving your life.

And with that, commit and attach only to your self and your frequencies of inner love. By doing so, you create a fire which will continue to intensify, thus burning off even more dross in the outer world. Yes, anger is a huge motivator and can accomplish much, and yet, love is more effective. Find the point of love in any situation…an art for a master, it’s true, but every attempt will yield great shifts and eventual results.

If you are having difficulty finding the love in a situation, imagine that the situation resolves in a way that brings you pure joy and your greatest happiness…which means that the outcome is of benefit to all involved. Let go of any attachment to another’s journey, and only want for yourself. In this way you honor the journey of another and respect that he/she can create his/her world just as you are doing for yourself.

Create your outcome by being in joy that it has already happened and appreciate that.

Value that.

This will generate love.

This is the ultimate existence.

You cannot control your outer world, but you can have an effect on it. And the greatest effect happens when you aren’t attached to that outcome, but instead, are attached to your own inner light and your own inner love. Others will respond or react to you according to their inner light. In such situations, remember the flip principle:

we do the opposite of that which we intend to master until we’ve gathered enough information that we can then flip to practicing that which we intend to master.

So when others respond to you in opposition, recognize that they are practicing the opposite for now, in an attempt to gather all the necessary experience and wisdom that comes with such choices. In doing so, they are just that much closer to flipping to practicing the positive aspect of that energy.

Honor their process and their journey and stay in your love.

Like a warrior.

Hold your sword high, and protect that love within yourself…especially if it’s just a little shoot of growth surrounded by the harshness of winter.

Fiercely protect your love and joy and happiness against those who seek to take it away from you.

Nurture it.

Cultivate it.

Feed it, so it can grow and affect those around you…without wanting anything for or of anyone else.

Just be.

Be the lighthouse in the storm.


And remember…all is well. Help is here, and it is you. You are a super hero.  And for this, we marvel at your greatness (joke intended).

And so it is.


**referring to this quote posted from earlier today:

One thing that makes me most proud of Humans of New York is the warmth of the comment section. There are exceptions of course, but generally the responses to each story are thoughtful and encouraging. I joke that Humans of New York is followed by the nicest 25 million people on the Internet. Often the comment section will take on a life and a narrative of it’s own.