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Chum salmon jumping. Photographer unknown.

Last moon cycle was about learning how to tend to one’s emotions and the riverbed in which they flow, so as to avoid flooding and destruction if one so chose.

This moon cycle is a time of great purging, and will include staying in control of one’s emotions in the face of deluge and destruction. As a water sign, Pisces dives into deep spaces…particularly with the emotions. The end result of this cycle will be to usher in a significant shift, as signified by the solar eclipse in the sign of Pisces. All the work that one has been doing to slough off the old and heal the scars and wounds of the past, is now finishing up, as in the final rinse cycle of a heavily soiled load of laundry. As the water comes in, all the muck is surfacing and releasing so it can rinse out.

In addition to flushing out the dirt and grime, this emotional deluge will probably lead to destruction of some kind…most likely relationships between people, but not solely limited to this scenario. It will also include destruction of relationships between institutions, governments, corporations, and larger organizations. However, if one doesn’t know about the rinse cycle, it appears as though one will drown in the darkness of destruction. If one has such a perspective, it will be easy to fall into a state of alarm, panic, and fear. But, be brave, for not all is as it seems. In fact, things are ever rarely as they seem, in this dimension.

Imagine a fish (Pisces) swimming in the river in the spring. The river is muddy and fast flowing, giving the illusion that there is much destruction. And, to be honest, there is a bit of destruction the Spring, in order to make room for growth in new ways. In this way, the process of destruction also includes renewal. The muddy waters bring fresh soil to an area that either might need more, or perhaps, never had any. This fresh soil brings nutrients so that the seeds that were planted can sprout and grow with strong support.

Observe the fish in this river. The fish doesn’t fight the mud…the fish just allows it to be. The fish doesn’t fight the floods or strong currents. Instead, the fish uses those currents to propel it higher or lower…whichever is needed at the time. If you watch closely, the fish almost appears to be enjoying the rush…maybe even dancing.

Be the fish. Stay contained withinin your Divine Line, and do what you do best…live your life with grace, humility, intention, and awareness. Do not allow your emotions to be pulled into one extreme or another for then you will lose balance, and the planet has enough of that going on already. Be one who practices balance and self-assuredness in the face of what appears to be chaos and catastrophe. Trust that the muck is lifting up and out, and you know how to swim through it unscathed.

Additionally, for those who choose, there is an opportunity for great evolution of consciousness. You can choose to use the current to make leaps over obstacles and fly to new heights. It will take a little effort on your part, but not much…just a leap. It’ll feel a little uncomfortable…as a fish feels when leaping out of the water to jump up a cascade of falls. But once the fish is back in the water, all is well. You can be that fish too. If you choose.

All is well.

Have faith in the unfolding of a bigger plan.

You are never alone. In fact, there are thousands of beings surrounding the planet, aiding in the evolution of consciousness so that what has happened before will not…cannot…happen again.



Do not react.

Respond when appropriate.

Until then, simply live a life of compassion and love to all you meet.

This is the work.

And so it is.