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If there could be a theme song for this year, I would say it would be, “A Whole New World.”

Indeed, I know that many people, particularly in the United States, feel that what is happening in the political arena is moving us into the middle of last century. And, if we were only looking with the eyes this dimension provides us, such perceptions would seem to be true.

However, we have the opportunity to see from a higher vantage-point…a place that sees a bigger picture than our wee selves, on this planet, can see. As Animal Communicator, Joslyn Zale, channeled recently:

Message from Hawk: Fly high to get a bird’s eye view of the situation before making a decision. This clarity is important for you to move forward effortlessly and joyfully. Peace.

This message is so perfect, not only for the energetic beginning of this calendar year, but also because it highlights the pitfalls of the Aquarius nature…relying solely on intellect from the vantage point of our bodies.

Aquarius is known as an air sign…the sign of the intellect, and correlated with the tarot suit of swords. And yet, its name refers to water, and means “water bearer,” the images showing a man carrying a vessel containing water. To many, this sign is confusing, due to its seemingly dual, or even misleading nature. And yet, it can be a symbol of the perfect balance between the Sacred Masculine (vessel/boundaries) and the Sacred Feminine (water). How? Through detachment.

Embracing the qualities of detachment is what Hawk is inviting us to do this year. This does not mean that feelings and emotions are bad and should be ignored or repressed. Such experiences are energy in pure form and have tremendous capacity to heal and create movement, so it’s important to allow them to exist and listen to what they have to tell us.

Detachment does mean that one doesn’t allow those feelings and emotions to consume us and carry us away into a river of tumult and destruction. The difference is subtle to those seeking to master this, so perhaps the following will help:

Water is the preferred element to represent feelings and emotions in spiritual, alchemical, and astrological circles, so let’s imagine that that one’s feelings and emotions are a river. Sometimes the river is a trickle, or even dry, and sometimes the river is full, or even a raging torrent. A river is identified by the space in which it flows…a river bed and river bank…the edges and boundaries. So long as the river stays within its boundaries there can be much joy in witnessing the ebb and flow of the river…some even enjoy wading or swimming in it. But, when the river overflows the banks and floods the space around it, destruction occurs.

Destruction isn’t necessarily bad or good either…the old must fall away before the new can emerge, and sometimes destruction can be so massive that it’s hard to see what is being created in the background. Remember, destruction and creation are both qualities of the Sacred Feminine…also represented by water. However, there are always consequences to destruction. Connections are severed, foundations are broken up, wounds are revealed, and life as we know it is damaged…sometimes in ways that can never be mended or repaired. Again, such measures can be beneficial, but in this dimension, when one experiences such extremes, there will also be a sense of loss and grief that must be processed before the new can emerge.

However, if one doesn’t wish for the destruction to occur…at least not to such extreme degrees…keeping the river within the boundaries of the banks is important. This can be done most effectively by maintaining the river bed and banks during low flow so that junk doesn’t pile up, causing obstructions to the flow of the water…for as the river rises, junk tends to appear. By keeping the riverbed and banks clean and clear, one can allow that junk to flow, unimpeded during high waters, resulting in improved health to the river and all who depend on it for life.

As someone who has lived a large percentage of her life in her head…only allowing the emotion of anger to burst through…I appreciate the insights and wisdom of those who are much more comfortable and familiar with the experiences of the heart. One such person is Karol K. Truman. In her book, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die,” she discusses the process of emotions as first beginning as thoughts, which, when allowed to exist and are given energy by engaging with them, bloom into feelings, which, when allowed to exist and are given energy by engaging with them, bloom into outward expressions, or emotions. This is the beginning of what Mike Dooley means when he says, “Thoughts become things.”

Learning how to recognize the thoughts that lead to undesired, destructive, and overflowing emotions is the first, and biggest step, towards learning detachment and discernment. It is also the first, and biggest step, in creating something new and different…because one has chosen a different path, the result will naturally be different.

Additionally, since passing the tipping point of 2012, the energetic terrain of the planet has shifted tremendously, so that the old strategies of power of intimidation, distraction, lies, and secrecy, will be blatantly obvious. And, because they will be so blatantly obvious, people will act in ways they never have before. The old must be destroyed before a newer, higher frequency way can be created and established. So, there will be a while of uncertainty and instability as the destruction and creation takes place. 

So, as our outer world presents us with many, many opportunities for our rivers to overflow and exceed their boundaries as old patterns are destroyed in magnificent ways, we can practice disciplining our thoughts. In doing so, we can choose a different outcome…first for our inner reality, then reflecting that inner reality to our outer world. Indeed, how we respond or react to these situations will determine the direction in which our world goes.

It’s up to us.

Avoid floods.

Go high.

Find clarity.

Choose your path.

Travel purposefully down that path, towards an as-yet-unknown destination.

Create your inner world.

Reflect it on your outer world.

Recognize and celebrate the new world.

It’s up to us. 

And so it is.