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Have you ever moved?

If so, then you know that feeling when 99.99% of the stuff is packed and moved, but then there are the odds and ends of a bizarre collection of things you have absolutely no idea what to do with…some of it you may not even have a clue as to what it is or how you got it.

Once you finally do make those decisions and the house is empty, there’s all the cleaning, vacuuming, filling in the holes on the wall, and maybe even some painting.

During this time, you’re probably not living in the place you once called home. You may be living in your new home, or you may be staying in a hotel or with friends as you wrap up your life in this place.

This is the time we’re in now…that in-between space of moving from one home to another. We’re not ready to unpack in our new home, and we’re still finishing up the remaining muck from the last one. This in-between-ness I call The Void.

Another word for The Void could be Aether…the fifth state of matter that includes all that is and all potentials for what could be. It has no specific form, yet could take on any form based on one’s intentions. Then, as one’s intentions are given a thought-form, it gradually filters through the layers to the more dense layer of matter…earth…where it manifests in this dimension.

This specific period of The Void is approximately six weeks long. It began around the beginning of Mercury Retrograde on December 19, 2016, and will end at the first crescent moon on January 28, 2017. So, even though our calendars technically say we are in 2017, energetically, the year won’t begin until January 28. This is due to Mercury Retrograde and its post-retrograde shadow, which ends on January 27.

The year 2016 felt like one massive Mercury Retrograde…of purging, organizing, redoing, re-evaluating, renewing, and realizations. And, really, it’s no surprise that it has been such a year. Numerologically, it was a nine year…the end of a cycle that began in 2008. During this cycle was the five year of change in 2012…the midpoint of the 36 year shift towards the light. A lot needed to be processed this year, and yet, despite all the work that we have done, there is still a little bit left to do…the odds and ends, some of which we have no idea how it got there or that we even had it.

So, use this time out of time to finish purging as you create…creating the future you wish to see for this coming year. Sit in The Void of the potentials…the Aether…and allow the Sacred Feminine to show you what is possible. Once you choose your potential to manifest, spend a few seconds to minutes feeling what it would feel like to have that possibility be a reality. The longer you can spend in that emotion, the stronger and more powerful an effect your manifestation will have.

We are always creating, beginning with our thoughts, so choose carefully!

And so it is.