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Photo by Sam Armstrong

Photo by Sam Armstrong

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self the great pearls of wisdom I now know to be absolute truth. One of the most important things I would tell my younger, stubborn, and all-knowing self, is that typeface is life. That to live, breathe, study, know, and experience typeface brings a depth of happiness and overwhelming joy like nothing else. And then I’d tell her to find a supportive counselor to talk to so as not to drive away her friends with her non-stop geek talk.

Alas. I have yet to figure out how to change my history. But. My love for typeface is still alive and well, and today, I have discovered a most delightful story…the recovery of the Doves typeface from the Thames after a rather bitter quarrel between the former owners, resulting in one owner covertly throwing the typeface pieces into the Thames so that the other owner couldn’t profit from its sale.


One cannot assume that the publishing industry is a calm and drama-free place when the bulk of its history has been consumed with printing and distributing violent literature, commonly known to some as The Bible. Such regular exposure is bound to result in some kind of need for release.

So now that the typeface has been recovered, the former owners must be rather peeved, as their precious typeface is now converted into digital form, allowing anyone with a few English Pounds to use it to publish anything from a noble piece of literature to a blog to an advertisement for a kegger party.

Alas. Once again, history proves that we control nothing…despite our greatest efforts.