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Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

Continuing with the theme of Responsibility (a.k.a. Ability to Respond) for this moon cycle, this particular full moon addresses our physical and material wealth and our management of that abundance…particularly in terms of giving to others.

This is a beautiful paring, this full moon, because we’re looking at aspects of both the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus. Scorpio can often be intensely selfish, focused first on self and self-preservation. In its most transcendent state, Scorpio can also be intensely generous in supporting healing in others. This dichotomy is the dance of balance that everyone must learn to perform well…particularly those whose rising and sun signs fall in this sign.

Taurus then, is the sign of Earthly personal…rewards and pleasures of life after the struggle. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and is focused on the stable and steady growth of abundance and wealth. Taurus, like Scorpio, can be stubborn and determined, which is how it achieves its goals.

Paired together with this full moon, there is a seemingly oppositional relationship to the idea of giving to others. However, hidden in the contraction is an incredibly important lens for viewing our habits, behaviors, beliefs, and traditions of giving…especially when it comes to this holiday season time.

We all have family cultures and societal expectations when it comes to giving at this time of year. Unfortunately, for those looking for approval and societal affirmation and acceptance, many people get so swept up in the marketing promises and pressures that they find themselves unable to receive any of the blessings of this time. And it doesn’t get any better when the bills start piling up in January…Capricorn and Saturn’s buckle-down time.

Then there are those (like me) who want to give to others because they want to help, or show support, or demonstrate love. Or, they’re so mesmerized by the beauty of the season that they would give the last penny in their pocket. The intention is admirable indeed, and the hearts that are involved in this pattern are beautiful and exquisite. And yet, they are not immune to Capricorn and Saturn either…regardless of their idealistic, starry-eyed path through life.

Due to these challenges, many people I know struggle with this time of year, wondering how to change celebration habits without devastating their children or their families or their communities. They don’t know how to navigate the giving without exhausting themselves and forgetting the sentiment of this time of year…light and love.

Taurus and Scorpio provide beautiful keys…self and material acquisition.

For many, these two qualities are negative ones and are to be avoided…shunned…spurned. For, to these people, the idea of acquiring wealth goes against the ideals and teachings of many religious philosophies. And…for some they do. But it doesn’t go against the original teachings, encapsulated in some version of the phrase

Love your neighbor as yourself.

And this is the first key…to love yourself. Primarily. Build abundance for yourself…first. Receive the gifts that come to you. Fully. Express gratitude for them. Humbly. With ecstasy. Revel and experience joy in the fruits of your labors, this abundance. Feed this energy of appreciation for your rewards and harvest and soon you will have more than you need…or even want.

It is at this point that you have abundance.

It is at this point that you can give.

Out of your abundance.


This does not mean that you give it all away. It means you give the extra you don’t need or want…the left over after you’ve invested in self-in-the-now as well as in the future. Anything left over is abundance to be shared with another who needs your abundance. This is the second key. Sharing your abundance doesn’t mean that you give it to just anyone. You give it only to the person or persons who actually need what you have to offer. And that means it may not be your family members or co-workers or your children. It may be to someone you’ve never met…someone the Universe or Divinity brings to you synchronistically.

And now, because you have cared for yourself, you can willingly, joyfully, and easily give and everyone benefits. The receiver actually has what he/she needs, and the giver has now made room for more blessings and abundance to come. And they will…in a different area because the needs in the abundantly-given area are already met. This is the third key.

And then the cycle repeats…like shampoo.

So, as we’re entering this time of potential stress, both emotionally and materially, I invite you to begin a practice of abundance…giving out of your received abundance only. You don’t have to know how to give or when or where…this is the magic of the practice and the season. You’ll know when it’s the right time, and what to give. You also don’t have to know where your abundance will come from…again…this is the magic of the practice and the season.


Receive fully.

Express gratitude.

Dance with joy and appreciation.

Watch for blessings, and the Corinthian Bells will peal madly.

And so it is.