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From Marieclairvoyant.com

From Marieclairvoyant.com

Sit down.

In your favorite chair.

With your favorite drink in hand.

Listening to your favorite music.

And breathe.

Let your mind drift…wander…slow down.

Simply be.

And see yourself.

Your real self.

Your beautiful self.

Your free self.

Your exquisite self.

For that is what is being revealed during this full moon…more of our unique exquisiteness…this time, more specifically on the body level and within our soul/body connection. This revelation is generating a deep realignment and restructuring of the body self, requiring a series of reboots. The fastest way to reboot our physical systems is to take a nap. It’s also the fastest way to upgrade any current operating systems or perceptions or direction. So, if you feel as though you need to sleep a lot, do it. Trust that Divine Timing will bring you what you need exactly when you need it. And then let go.

As discussed in the new moon post for this cycle, we are currently focusing on self-care and inner awareness, and as such, the full moon is bringing us the opportunity to release those habits and patterns that have completed…that no longer support our greatest happiness in regards to self-care.

Self-care is one of those polarizing issues in Western society. I have yet to find someone who doesn’t have a strong opinion on the topic…even if he/she pretends to not care one way or the other. Behaviors reveal our truest beliefs regardless of what our tongues profess. So, one person may feel almost militant in making sure that he/she keeps to a particular schedule and routine, while another simply denies that self-care is necessary at all…yet will tell you all about the horrors and tragedies in his/her life and why it makes life so hard. One person may say that he/she needs or wants to make a change, but when it comes down to implementing change, nothing happens…even if the opportunity to do so is handed to him/her on a silver platter. Still another is so bitter and angry and resentful about his/her own life and lack of care and attention that he/she cannot stand to be around someone who does care for him/herself. And then there are those who practice self-care and then forget…and then remember again more deeply…and then forget…and then remember even more deeply how lovely and beautiful it is to love, nurture, and care for self.

Regardless of where each of us is on this spectrum of attitudes and behaviors, we all tell stories around self-care…stories that can limit, hinder, and support us. Sometimes those limitations have served a very good purpose, and sometimes, those limitations are keeping us from truly living. Sometimes limitations are simply comfortable…familiar…long-standing. And as such, those limitations may feel supportive even if there might be a better way.

In my work, I have many opportunities to observe the incredible complexities of the human existance…and the effects energetic shifts have on the human body and residing spirit. When I see particular patterns and trends extending through my clients and my friend group, I pay attention. So, here is one story of recent events that illustrate the bigger full moon picture.

A friend of mine has been dating someone for about six weeks. She’s in that lovely first stage of wonderment and distraction and giddiness. Talking with her about anything except him is a bit of a challenge, and yet, you can’t help but be happy with her, as her joy is contagious.

One of the things she appreciates most about this new romance is his incredible ability to accept her exactly as she is. From a very young age she has had her particular set of body image insecurities…as we all do in this culture. She has constantly obsessed that her breasts are too small and her tuchus is too large for any man to really be attracted to her. And when someone is, she has struggled to see any value in her body other than the lack that these two glaringly extreme parts offer her sight.

Every relationship she’s had has been another opportunity for her to stress out over whether she’s attractive or desirable to her love interest. And, because she had limited her value, or lack of value, to these two areas of her body, anyone who didn’t like one of the two areas created another opportunity to feed her incredible insecurity around the relationship…was it really a relationship…was he telling her the truth…did he really like her at all or was he using her…is he hiding something from her…how long until he decides he doesn’t like that body part after all. In truth…she sabatoged relationships repeatedly because of this issue…that truely existed only within herself.

So, one evening, as she was talking with her new love, she asked him the dreaded question: Is there a part of my body that you like most? She tried to be light and flirty around the question, but her heart felt anything but light.

He thought for a bit, and then responded, “Yes.”

She desperately wanted to know which body part he liked, but was terrified to know. So, true to form, she took a deep breath and plunged in anyway. “Which part?”

“Your neck,” he replied with a smile.

“My neck?!” she asked, completely surprised. “Why?!

“Because,” he said, “sometimes it’s hidden, and sometimes it’s not, and I can admire it both in public and in private.”

She was astonished. Completely flabbergasted…and utterly without words. She had absolutely no idea how to respond to this answer. Never had a man voiced appreciation for any other body part than one of the two she dreaded. And, she felt a little let down. She was fully prepared for this battle, congratulating herself that she’d done so much work around these insecurities through her self-care regimen, and looking forward to watching herself respond to his choice. But. Her safety within her comfortable limitations was gone. This unfamiliarity was startling…and slightly unnerving. 

And then she burst out laughing. 

Not only had she spent an incredible amount of energy protecting herself through her perceived imperfections…focusing on only two areas of her body that she thought weren’t exactly as she would wish them to be, but she did this for years and years. No matter how many times someone had told her that she was beautiful or that she had other features that were more valuable, she had never believed him/her…until now.

Now, she saw. Now, she understood. Now, she realized what a waste of energy this limiting habit of “self-care” had been…that to worry so obsessively over something so insignificant was not actually supportive of her living. She realized that this wasted “support” didn’t need to continue now that this someone was reflecting her new self back to her by loving such a different part of her…so different a part of her that she had never even thought to scrutinize it or examine it or pick it apart for flaws. She’d never even noticed that part of her body before, and yet this part of her body was most cherished by her new love. And she laughed again at this gift, because it was such a beautiful confirmation…she had indeed done work around her insecurities through self-care…and she’d succeeded.

So during this full moon and throughout the remainder of this moon cycle, I invite you to watch for similar revelations in your life…revelations that come to you in the quiet spaces within…in the unexpected moments and with those closest to you. What old stories and protection mechanisms/self-care practices are no longer valid? Which perceptions of self and personal value are now ready to be released? Which truths about yourself are now seen as being simply illusions? And, how can you begin to practice a new way of loving yourself as these old ways fall away?

May you find peace in the beingness of existence.
May you rest in the knowledge that all is well.
May you find comfort in allowing new perceptions to bring you happiness, and
May you remember yourself and laugh with joy.

And so it is.