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A Little Princess, 1995

A Little Princess, 1995

This ending moon cycle is certainly living up to its promise…requiring courage to walk through even just one of the open doors to the change and growth for which we’ve been seeking.

What we cannot see or know is that when these tremendously transformative moments occur, it is because we have shifted our perceptions and consciousness to a higher vibration. When that happens where once no hint existed a full-blown reality has appeared. Indeed, we went to sleep in one reality and woke up in a different one…as if by magic.

As always, before such shifts can occur, there is a falling away of the old…the completed. This is necessary in order to make room for the new to grow and flourish. And it happens because there is an opportunity to choose…to take a new road or new path or do something you have never done before. There may even be a sense of destiny in this experience…that there is no logical explanation for your choices; you simply have to do them. And in choosing to move forward, there are always those things, circumstances, relationships, and people who will not move forward with you…at least not in the ways they’ve been with you in the past. They too are choosing…to either stay where they are, or transition into a space where they can be of greater service to you and the rest of humanity. And while the results can feel painful, all that truly has happened is that we chose to wake up in the new reality…they didn’t.

And in this new reality, there is a different pace…a different flow…a different process. It’s simultaneously joyful, and uncomfortable, and exciting, and sorrowful, and terrifying, and…big. Regardless…it’s overwhelming. Our sense of edge…our boundaries have shifted. Our perception of center and balance has shifted. And, our tools for holding boundaries and staying centered and balanced need refining.

When experiencing this disorientation, the natural response is to grasp…grasp for that which is falling away…grasp for the familiar…grasp for the logical…the tried-and-true…the ways of childhood teachings and memories. Yet, these will not nourish you. They cannot, for they do not hold the light or the wisdom or the love that exists in the newness that now surrounds us. As long as we insist on trying to make these old ways work in this new choice, we will experience dissatisfaction, irritation, and isolation. Allow that which is finished to fall away. Just be in that stillness…that void before creation is renewed in the coming cycle this weekend.

And, if you must grasp, grasp your essence…your light…deep within. Find your solace, comfort, support, peace first within your Divine Line…for it exists there in tremendous amounts…beyond what anyone else can provide for you. Listen to and discover those rituals of self-care that nurture you and bring you into a clearer, higher alignment with your essence. Take the time to indulge in yourself…to feed yourself…to relish yourself in all of your magnificence. Let these practices that you discover be your intentions for this cycle, and allow the humble, abundant love to flow out and strengthen you…encouraging others to do the same.

And so it is.