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Illustration by Hrana Janto

Illustration by Hrana Janto

As posted earlier, this moon cycle has to do with courage…courage to continue forward through the challenges…courage to allow what has completed to fall away…courage to step through the doors that have newly opened. What this means is that fear will also be present…in strong and intense ways. How we choose to respond to the fear is what this cycle’s blessing offers us.

The natural response to overwhelming fear is to hide. And there are many, many ways to hide. Anything can be a crutch or escape or avoidance tool…it all depends on why you do what you do. It’s hard to face such fears. I’m not talking about the simple fears out of which you can easily reason your way. I’m talking about the fears that are so strong, so powerful that reason isn’t remotely accessible…the fears that, even in the fullest avoidance moment, haunt you…hang over you…threaten to drag you under.

This full moon is a sign of support through this time of needing to access courage in the face of such paralyzation. Its action is to assist us in an uncloaking…allowing a facade or image or perception or shell or personality trait to unwrap…revealing more of your light. However, we want to be certain that we aren’t throwing out the jewel of the experience with the dross. Taking time to discover which is which will be important. One clue is this: whatever supports you in radiating your essence is important to keep…as is so beautifully illustrated in this legend.

Before the Rock Cave of Heaven
where Amaterasu Omi Kami, the Sun Goddess
had hidden her radiant face
where all the assembled Gods and Goddesses had tried
and failed
to lure her out

I stepped up to the Cave
with utmost seriousness
with grave determination
with proper decorum and a lofty mien
and with a bump and a bump and a bump bump bump bump
lifted my kimono and revealed myself in ways
that caused the mouths of the exalted ones
to water and fall open

Then I played puppet with my labia
and paid myself a little lip service
I heaved my breast over one shoulder
then the other over the other
and landed on my ass
with a bump and a bump and a bump bump bump bump
amidst the explosions of laughter and merriment
of the esteemed crowd

With breasts tied in a knot
my legs spread like a welcome mat
I called in the Spirits
and offered them my body
but they refused to take it

The crowd howled and laughed as I continued my dance
till Amaterasu Omi Kami couldn’t stand it any longer
and rushed out to see what was what

And thus did laughter
win the Sun Goddess from her dark cave
and bring light and warmth back into the world.

~From The Goddess Oracle Deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, illustrated by Hrana Janto

As we move through the second half of this moon cycle, this uncloaking action is showing up in the body as intense detoxification, overloading the lymphatic system. For some people, this is resulting in joint pain, tissue or muscle inflammation, 24- or 48-hour flu, retaining water, abscesses, or ear or respiratory congestion. If it’s appropriate for you, eating simple food, such as steamed vegetables or fish, engaging in gentle movement, and increasing hydrating fluids will aid in relieving these symptoms.

For more significant relief, take a hot, wrung washcloth and gently and lightly “scrub” a portion of the body until it turns slightly pink. Repeat on another portion of the body. Repeat until the entire body has been “scrubbed. Do this twice a day for a week. This action stimulates the lymphatic system, which has no pump except your movement, to release through the skin…the largest elimination system of the body. Again, do this only if it’s appropriate for you. If you have a skin issue, such as poison oak, do not do this. If your doctor has you on medication that restricts heat exposure or skin stimulation, this activity is not for you.

To support this process even more, find a massage therapist who is trained in lymphatic drainage and schedule 2-3 appointments over the next two weeks. Boost the immune system with the Thymus Thump, and increase pre- and probiotic supplementations. And, of course, if in doubt as to the appropriateness of applying any of these suggestions to your life, contact your physician before beginning a new self-care regimen.

Wishing us all wellness, courage, support, and laughter.

And so it is.