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by Gysela Gervais

by Gysela Gervais

A few days ago, a colleague participated in the Solstice Festival here in town.

A few days later, she brought these lovely little frangipani flower clips to work and gave them to whomever needed one for his/her hair…and also to those who didn’t know they needed one.

I can’t tell you how much sassy fun it is to wear this simple little doodad. It’s only a little cleverly painted and curled styrofoam superglued to a rather strong crocodile hair clip. And yet, when I clip that thing into my hair, it’s as though I absolutely know that I am one.sexy.thing.

One day, as I was being rather clever and witty at work, I reached up to flirtingly brush a stray hair out of my face. As I did so, my fingers touched the clipped flower and I exclaimed in surprise,

Oh! I forgot I was beautiful!!!

And then I couldn’t stop laughing and grinning…because…in that moment…and one not so rare anymore, I knew that I was beautiful…and worthy of love…and felt no shame.

And my heart expanded three more sizes.