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Tree of Life Fairy Door by Fae Keepers

Tree of Life Fairy Door by Fae Keepers

As we enter into the second half of the year, it’s the perfect time for evaluation and rebalancing…not only because of the extreme energies of the Summer Solstice and Mercury Retrograde, but also because this year is cumulative. The seeds of intention that were sown in January are gaining momentum, and this moon cycle will begin the rolling effect, so to speak.

Preparation is important with any process or journey so as to be able to fully experience and receive all that is offered. An attitude of present awareness is vitally important, but it isn’t the only piece to successfully navigating the journey…our energy fields need an upgrade.

One aspect of this particular Mercury Retrograde is the process of re-weaving. Keep in mind that Mercury in retrograde is a time for all things re-: re-evaluating, re-considering, re-designing, re-organizing, re-vising, re-visiting, re-newing, re-alizing. Ok. So the last one I made up. And yet, it’s still appropriate. Mercury in retrograde gives us a new perspective in our understanding and vision. We see details and tiny shifts of perceptions that were never seen before. This can be either rejuvenating or annoying.

For example. We recently moved into a condominium. I love the wooden vaulted ceilings and the large garden balcony and the skylights in the living and kitchen areas. It’s airy and bright while still being cozy and welcoming. So, the designing of the space commenced. We aren’t allowed to make holes in our walls, so we had to find a creative way to hang curtains. After many weeks of research, we found a solution. With excitement and delight I began to hang the curtains, when, much to my dismay, I noticed, for the very first time, that the vertical blind valances¬†are crooked! I still am uncertain which bothers me more…the fact that they’re crooked and there’s nothing I can do about it, or that I’ve been living in this condo for two months and I’m only just now noticing this detail. I pride myself on noticing details and caring about the wee pieces that make up a masterpiece…and I didn’t notice this rather big one. Humbling to say the least.

The re-weaving part, however, is the part on which I want to focus, as it’s the reason for the theme of this cycle: Courage.

Whenever we experience anything in this dimension, there is an opportunity…or opportunities. These opportunities are sometimes called pearls…as in pearls of wisdom, or pearls of great price, or even casting pearls before swine. Sometimes we go through an experience and never see the pearl. It doesn’t get harvested, which means it can’t be received or incorporated into our energy fields. So, we repeat the experience…perhaps with different people in a different place, but it’s repeated. And this will continue until we recognize the pearl, harvest it, claim it, and incorporate it into our being-ness.

These incorporations or integrations of pearls create a fabric around us…a personality or perception or understanding or wisdom…or perhaps all of the above. And, like all fabrics, eventually some pieces fray or fall apart…because they are no longer needed. When a large enough section of our fabric is ready to fall away, it is necessary to replace it. Now, there’s a challenge. We’re adding new threads to old fabric. This is similar to putting new wine in old wine skins or OS X on an Apple //c. There isn’t a lot of room for communication between the two sections. So, a re-weaving is necessary. This is a significant piece of this Mercury (communication) retrograde (inward) time.

The question is, why is this necessary? What is falling away?

Remember those intentions you set at the beginning of the year? The dreams you’ve been working towards manifesting for the past two-five years? They’re starting to manifest…and you need room for them to grow. So, in order to have the space and capacity to receive these manifestations, you need a larger tapestry framework on which to hang them.

Physically, this is showing up in many people as issues with the mid-back…the area between the 3rd and 4th chakras…the connection between the heart and power centers. Some people are having back spasms, some are experiencing vertebrae shifting, some are experiencing old injuries flaring up, some are experiencing frozen shoulders and necks due to mid-back tightness. These are important clues as to what is being re-woven…larger fields for vulnerability and power.

The heart chakra, vulnerability, Cancer, and its ruling planet, the moon, correlate with The Sacred Feminine. Similarly, the solar plexus chakra, power, Summer Solstice, and the sun correlate with The Sacred Masculine. And yet…not exclusively…anymore. These two extreme energies are strongly opposing each other at the moment, which means we have a beautiful opportunity to harmonize them and access their gifts to move us in the direction of our intentions. For power without vulnerability becomes arrogance…and vulnerability without power becomes victimness. We need both, in a fluid balance so that, if we do the work to harvest the pearls and allow for the re-weaving, we will be prepared to receive, confidently and humbly, the opportunities that are waiting to come in.

And…they are big ones.

Hence the courage.

And so it is.