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from the Earth Magic Oracle Card Deck by Steven D. Farmer

from the Earth Magic Oracle Card Deck by Steven D. Farmer

As with all moon cycles, the full moon represents the completeness of a cycle. Something…a seed, process, relationship, era, purpose, task, responsibility, intention, creation, idea…has reached its fullness…its ripeness. It is now ready to harvest…to manifest…give birth. And, in order to do so, something else must fall away.

This particular full moon coincides with many happenings astrologically. We are still feeling the effects of the eclipses, the Grand Cardinal Cross, and the Class-X solar flares (this week). Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, and Neptune are all retrograde, inviting us to go deep within and face some rather challenging issues…issues we’ve been avoiding or suppressing for some time. This particular combination indicates that we aren’t going to get any peace (Saturn) until we go within and communicate (Mercury) with our Higher Selves. As we do this work, some of our dreams and illusions (Neptune) will be challenged. It may be that a long-standing dream is no longer necessary or applicable or even possible. It may be that something that you have worked so hard to create will not be able to be created or sustained in its creation…because you were trying to create on an illusionary foundation. Or, perhaps, there needs to be revision (Mercury) to the plan because of the clarity around the illusions within the plan.

As painful as it may be to confront these things that refuse to stay hidden, they are coming up now so you can let them go…release them and allow them to be transformed (Pluto) into something better, even if you don’t exactly know where you’re going or what you’re transforming into. Additionally, it’s important to remember that the conclusion of one thing (that which is up for releasing) does not necessarily coincide with the beginning of another (that which is birthing)…there may be a gap of time in-between (the darkness of uncertainty).

And…just in case you think you can get away with not facing these things and continue on in your daily mundane-ness, the astrological Yod, or Finger of God, or Finger of Fate formation (Saturn, Mercury, and Neptune) will require this work of you in one way or another. It may not be a pleasant experience, but it is necessary in order to make room for that which is ready to be birthed. And, the less you resist it, the easier the transformation will be.

So, what is being birthed?

A higher frequency Heart and Heart-centered consciousness. The issues that arise during this time have to do with coming home to the heart rather than finding a home center outside of the Divine Line. For example, if you’re facing issues around support and acceptance, such as not experiencing support or acceptance from family or those nearest to you, this time is an opportunity to make an adjustment by meeting those needs for yourself by yourself. This requires pulling all of your energy, attachments, and expectations off others, situations, circumstances, tasks, and processes and bring it back to your Divine Line, finding the solution there…for it is there. A challenge never exists without a solution already present. Once you find the solution within your Divine Line, release everyone and everything of the responsibility for providing that energy for you (support, encouragement, acknowledgment, acceptance, respect, loyalty, love, etc.). Remember to invite your body deva and team to do the same.

This process may need to be done daily…or multiple times a day. This is because you’re learning a new skill…holding your energy in greater quantities within yourself. It feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar. You’re used to putting your energy on others in order to get your needs met…it’s comforting to you. So, learning a new way can be disorienting and lonely and frustrating. Just keep going and keep trying. Rome wasn’t built in a day…neither are skills. Keep practicing…frequently. You will achieve mastery eventually.

Each time you bring your energy back to yourself and release that which comes up for release, you have that much more room to receive that which is being birthed…an opened heart space with bigger and stronger grids that have greater capacity to hold more love. This “upgrade” will increase the potentials for responding to situations with greater degrees of compassion…leading first with the heart before the head. With this shift, there is a deepened connection, not only to self, but with All That Is. By living and responding from the heart space first, there can be greater honesty, clarity, insight, wisdom, sincerity, and connection. And, ultimately, that’s all you’ve been trying to do…connect with others. So, take a deep breath. Whatever the issue is that has come up for release, trust that you’re not losing connection with others…you’re just replacing the old way of achieving connection with a better way that will support your greatest happiness.

Congratulations! It’s a graduation of sorts! Isn’t it beautiful that this is all happening on Friday (named for the love goddess Freya), on the full moon (the mother feminine energy), on the 13th of the month (the numerical value of the Sacred Feminine), and that this full moon is represented by a rose, arguably the flower most associated with the heart and love? Look at all the support and love the Universe is sending to us in this challenging time!

We are dearly loved!

And so it is.