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So far this year, there has been a clever rhythm to life. It isn’t necessarily a new rhythm, for the past two to three years have been filled with fits and starts followed by abrupt stops and massive gaps of waiting. Still, there is a feeling of certainty and integration in this year…the pieces are starting to fall into place, revealing the fruits of our rather intense labor.

If we are practicing a state of awareness within, it can be rather lovely to ride the ebb and flow of this rhythm…resting, moving quickly, resting, moving quickly. The balance is both a relief and unfamiliar, and I’m beginning to really appreciate and value this balance as it’s requiring me to both evaluate my energy output and simplify in creative ways.

For example, I recently moved…to a much smaller space than I have previously occupied. This required yet another significant evaluation of my physical possessions…something I have done yearly for the past four years. As I sorted through my things and shredded others, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was ready to release from my life…many I had held on to for a variety of incredibly important reasons. And yet, now, while I recognized the importance of those reasons in my past, they no longer held value to me. So I let them go. And with them, the memories.

I had absolutely no idea how much space was being filled, both physically and emotionally, by these things. That is, until I let them go. At one point, I had to force myself to take a break from purging because the high I experienced threatened to eliminate things that were still necessary to my life. I loved the feeling of spaciousness within that accompanied this purge…I could stretch, and move, and dance, and dream, and create. I loved that freedom…to evolve in whatever way I chose rather than limiting myself to past definitions, memories, values, and experiences.

Almost immediately new opportunities popped up to fill the space. Not just one or two, but tens of them. At one point, I felt so overwhelmed by all the gifts and opportunities of support showered on me, that I couldn’t even feel joy…I felt completely numb…in shock. It all happened so quickly I hardly had time to process the changes much less receive any gifts offered to me…even though they were all gifts I had requested. This was definitely a surprise to me. I asked for this gift…why was I having such a hard time accepting it?

My second surprise was that I wasn’t entirely certain I wanted all of these requested gifts anymore. Some of the gifts had taken a few years to manifest, and my inner life and outer circumstances had changed enough that they weren’t all that appropriate any longer. I knew intellectually that nothing is ever wasted and there was no issue if the gift was no longer needed, but my heart felt attached and obligated to them.

Both situations required me to stop and connect to my inner light…my Divine Line. And yet, circumstances were such that I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to be quiet and alone. I had to snatch the few moments I could find, here and there, and when I did, I could receive and feel my emotions…the joy, the sorrow, the relief, the excitement, the guilt, the obligation, and generations of tradition and expectations. Once I connected in and accessed my emotions again, it was fairly easy to shift and heal and receive…then express gratitude.

This experience is an example of what this next moon cycle offers us…fast-moving change and a plethora of opportunities. This is also an example of fulfilling the theme from the first moon cycle of the year…that the effects of the intentions set at that time would compound over time. So, the most beneficial tool for us during this moon cycle is increased discernment…that we will know, with clarity and certainty, which choice to make.

So, as this moon cycle begins, let us set our intentions, in red ink on yellow paper, through the filter of discernment. Which area or areas would you like clarity and discernment? Is there an area of your life that is confusing you? Do you have too many options and not enough information? Are there so many things requiring your attention that you can’t figure out how to prioritize them? Are you afraid of making a mistake in your choice? Are you concerned that someone is lying to you or that you’re missing some vital clue or piece of information? Is there an area where you feel stuck and can’t figure out what your next step is? Is there an opportunity that you once dreamed of experiencing, but now your interests are taking you in a new, unfamiliar area? Are you facing a startling change that is painful and you feel as though you’re stumbling through the days?

Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, trust that the solution exists and that you can easily access inner discernment and confidently choose the path that will bring you your greatest happiness…for you are greatly blessed and dearly loved.

And so it is