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from the Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

from the Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

This moon cycle is increasing transitions for me and offering me multiple opportunities to practice staying present and in the flow of life. I am grateful that I’ve been through such things before…learning skills through regular practice…for it helps me have compassion for myself in those moments when I feel overwhelmed or inadequate. I’m also grateful that I’ve learned how to master a skill, and that with my ever-present will to keep trying, I will master this too.

So, with compassion for myself and an understanding that everything happens in the perfect time, here is the theme I’m seeing for this moon cycle, as written on April 1st, 2014.

As we enter into the moon cycle of Aries and April, there are several energies accumulating. The first is the energy of movement, moving forward in our plans and relationships through a speeding up of time and the perception of time. The second is the falling away and purging of all that has completed and no longer serves our greatest happiness, and the third is a shift in perceptions around those things that have completed and are falling away. It is this shift in perception that I am noticing most strongly in this moon cycle, and I find it quite humorous that I’m writing this on April 1st…known in the Western culture as April Fools’ Day.

The journey of The Fool, the zero card in the tarot deck and the beginning of the Major Arcana, demonstrates the cycle of perception beautifully. The Fool begins a journey innocently, fully of hope and optimism, enthusiasm, and illusion…completely oblivious to the challenges and dangers that lie ahead. And this is appropriate. For, most of the time, if we really knew what we were getting ourselves into, we would never begin the journey…we would avoid the necessary decisions and run away from opportunities for growth. Because, the truth of the matter is, sometimes, these experiences are uncomfortable…to say the least. So, illusion is important and necessary to help us begin.

However, there is a point during The Fool’s journey at which the illusion cracks and breaks wide open…the tower card. It is at this point that The Fool can no longer ignore or pretend certain things without bringing unnecessary suffering to him/her. This moment, rather, is an opportunity to see the illusions for what they are, accept them, express gratitude for them, and release them. This is also the moment when we realize that we are The Fool…and that perhaps others have seen this foolishness acted out in our choices and behaviors and words and beliefs. In this moment of realization there is the potential for confusion, betrayal, embarrassment, shame, humiliation, and/or depression…each person is different. This is also the moment when our inner voices and beliefs show themselves intensely through the things we say to ourselves about ourselves…sometimes these voices are shocking and exceptionally harsh, particularly in these moments of I should have known.

And yet…we couldn’t have. That’s the entire purpose for illusion. So, one of the many blessings in this moment is an opportunity to see not only the stories we have told about our past from this place of illusion, it is also an opportunity for perceiving many other stories around those same circumstances…and choosing to tell a different one through healing all the messages that have come to our awareness in this process. This new story may have elements of illusion still in it, for The Fool must still move through the Star and Moon cards before attaining mastery in the World card. But, the good news is that the journey is almost complete. The worst is over…so don’t give up.

So, as we search for those different stories to tell about our experiences, with the assistance of our team and guides, here are a few things I’ve learned about the process:

1.      It’s possible for both the illusionary perception of the past and the present clarity to both be true.

2.      It’s possible to be lovable and loved in both scenarios.

3.      It’s possible to find a story that allows for the first two steps without blaming or disempowering anyone.

4.      I created this situation, and I have the power to change it. The outer world is simply a reflection of your inner reality. If there is something you don’t like in the outer world…with finances, friends, relationships, living situations, jobs, etc….recognize that there is a place within you that is creating this outer circumstance. Once the inner reality is shifted and healed, the outer world will reflect that to you as well.

5.      Once step four is completed, there is a heart-opening through the understanding and realization…a softening in the body within the enlightenment moment, and a compassion for all the pain that anyone experienced.

6.      Now that I know differently, I can choose differently. Until this moment of knowing differently, you couldn’t have chosen differently. Let that be ok, and watch for opportunities to practice these new choices as you move into greater degrees of personal responsibility.

7.      The practicing of a new skill begins…and that takes some time to accomplish…10,000 hours of practice, to be precise, to achieve mastery. So be gentle with yourself, and celebrate that you are now shifting from practicing the opposite of that which you intended to master to practicing the actual skill you intend to master. It’s an important shift, and one that takes time.

8.      Be gentle with yourself through this process. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Take time to be alone and check in with yourself, because your new point of balance and inner connection will have also shifted…and probably will shift every time you make a new and different choice. Find ways to love yourself more deeply through these moments and celebrate the little victories along the way…for they are greater than you realize.

9.      Everything is ok. You are exactly where you need to be, and understanding exactly what you are ready to understand. Your value doesn’t change, so just relax and enjoy the ride.

10.    You are not alone. You have support in multiple dimensions, and many fellow travelers in this dimension. Watch for them as they flow in and out of your life…expressing gratitude throughout.

And so it is.