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Painting and photography by Margot Morphis

Painting and photography by Margot Morphis

A dear friend of mine is a horse woman. I mean that in just about every sense imaginable. She lives and breathes them as though they were part of her soul…and sometimes they are. Her ability to work with them and communicate with them is astounding and inspirational…the horse whisperer I witnessed daily before anyone knew anything about Monty Roberts.

So, it’s understandable that as we moved into this year of the horse that I asked her for insights as to what this year could offer us. Being incredibly gifted intuitively, I knew her insights would also be unique to the energies of now…timely and appropriate for today. I was not disappointed. Here is what she offers:

It must be remembered that horses are primarily communal creatures. The horse is watchful and aware of his surroundings at all times and wary of newcomers or things unfamiliar. When in a natural state, horses congregate in familial herds and have a complex social network.  Each member learns to accept their place within the group, but are always vigilant for signs of change in the herd dynamic. If a herd leader steps down or falters, another will instantly fill the role.  In the absence of a leader, another horse will nearly always step up and take charge very quickly.

Horses teach us to be vigilant and ready to spring into action. They teach us to be prepared to step into a role of authority when necessary but also to be willing to work peacefully within a social structure.

Horses are also a reflection of their surroundings and their cohorts. An applicable example is this: When partnered with a human, if they are treated with respect and understanding, they will nearly always return this energy and show the most noble aspects of the equine character, which in my estimation are those of loyalty and bravery. The lesson here is to surround yourself with those who, through their honorable dealings with you, help to bring out the most noble aspects of your character. Conversely, avoid those who cause you to be on your guard.


~Gysela & Margot