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Painting by Vito Campanella

Painting by Vito Campanella

This moon cycle’s theme is seemingly contradictory to air sign Aquarius, the intellectual. And yet, the theme, as came through the circle ceremonies tonight, gives some clues around the mysterious figure of the water bearer…one who is the embodiment of air, but who carries a container of water. What does that bearer do with that water? Where did the water come from, and where is its destination? What is its purpose?

This moon cycle is about receiving pleasure and how to use that pleasure to guide us forward in our lives. This pleasure is not limited to sexual experiences…rather, it encompasses all aspects of you as a soul and body unit combined.

Many people experience pleasure with guilt attached to it, such as through food or substances or gossip or watching someone get hurt or fail. These experiences, ultimately, are not satisfying because no matter how much pleasure we may receive in these scenarios, the inner void is not filled. Instead, the void becomes greater, leading the person down a descending spiral to great unhappiness.

Some people avoid pleasure altogether. They were raised to believe that things that are pleasurable are not valuable, and should, therefore, be avoided as much as possible. Only things that are hard or difficult to achieve have any worth or importance, creating a cycle of suffering and hardship. The idea that success can come from playing or from pleasurable activities is difficult to comprehend, much less accept for this group.

Other people can’t experience pleasure at all because pleasure requires the ability to relax…to let go…allow…release…lose control…be vulnerable. For these people, the idea of pleasure is dangerous. They are so used to surviving by being on high alert or in control all the time, that to succumb to anything less than that is a threat to their lives. For this group, pleasure is for others, but not for them…resulting in a life of cynicism, judgement, and harshness…maybe even isolation.

Still another group experiences pleasure only through the external validation of others. This group constantly seeks pleasure through a variety of activities, and yet, if another person isn’t either jealous or affirming of the wonderful experience, this group can’t actually feel the pleasure they seek. The cycle they create is one of competition with others to see who has the most or who is the most abundant in money or finances or sexiness or beauty or talent…never understanding that their pleasure is a co-dependent and dis-empowering one.

Lasting pleasure, satisfying pleasure, is derived from within…from the spark of passion and joy of simply being…simply existing from the soul’s essence. True pleasure comes from following the inner and higher pulse of the soul’s passion…following one’s bliss, so to speak, as this is where the movement is…this is where the flow is. By following the heart’s wisdom, pleasure is easily found for the two are magnetized for each other…one attracting the other. Pleasure does not seek a plan or a design or a future…it is too consuming to be anything other than now. By allowing the magnetic force of pleasure to guide the soul, all unfolds easily and naturally in a magnificent dance…moving effortlessly from moment to moment.

The intentions then for this cycle are to create a life from this space of pleasure…of ecstasy…from the unbounding joy of life. If a task is distasteful, set the intention to discover the pleasurable aspects of it and experience the task from that space. If there is a belief that is blocking the experience of pleasure, set the intention to discover the path through this belief…either reconciling the two or dissolving the belief altogether with gratitude, understanding, and humility.

Write these intentions on yellow paper with red ink, and place it in a safe and sacred space where it will be seen daily. Allow the frequency of pleasure to fill the consciousness every time the paper is seen, and watch for the results in the outer world. When you see them, express gratitude in order to increase the potency of the cycle.

And so it is.