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Photo by Splgum

We are entering into the last few hours of this moon phase and the last bits of this Black Water Snake year. The last two years of the Chinese Calender have been water years…years that were about the emotional life and transforming and healing emotional wounds into a stronger and cohesive human. As this cycle comes to a close, there is a mixture of emotions…excitement, anticipation for what’s coming, a restlessness, impatience, relief, heaviness, exhaustion, freedom, longing, and a deep sadness…grief that can be felt in the throat. You know that throat feeling…the lump that grows into a knot when you try not to feel something that is really painful and might overwhelm or consume your heart…that throat tightness that you hope will keep the tears from spilling out of their appropriate containers, exposing your inner experience to the world around you…the resistance to vulnerability.

Let go.


Allow for that grief to exist and expand…all the while expressing gratitude for the lessons, the healing, the release, the support, and the transformation that the last two years have offered to you. As you do, remember to express gratitude for the beautiful life that, although you can’t quite see it yet, is now beginning to grow as a result of the gifts of the last two years. Before you celebrate the beginning, finish the ending…fall into the emotion of it…say your last words…find your closure space.

Complete it.

Honor it.

Allow it.


And so it is.