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Tonight, I’m grateful for rides home from so many generous friends in unexpected places. I’m grateful for a lovely visit to the library today and the two books that caught my eye long enough to leave the building with me. I’m grateful for such a vivid imagination that makes reading such an adventurous parallel existence.

I’m grateful for walking through new alleys and down unfamiliar streets and for the perspectives and discoveries they offered. I’m deeply grateful for the restaurants around town that have gluten-free bread.

I’m grateful for an unexpected day at the bookstore and reconnecting with such clever and witty people. I’m grateful for repeat massage clients so that I can more easily address their body’s needs. I’m grateful that my clients were open and willing to receive massage and healing, thereby healing themselves. I’m grateful that I could be a facilitator and witness to their transformation.

I’m grateful for the many people in my life who are honest and committed and follow their words with appropriate and often inspirational action.

I’m grateful for the wonders my nutritionist has created for my body, and that my energy is gaining daily. I’m grateful for the lovely gift of dinner waiting for me when I got home tonight. I’m grateful that as my body becomes stronger, my veins are popping out all over…completely mesmerizing me. I’m grateful for the particularly delightful Christmas gift of pleasingly pungent Zum soap from an equally delightfully eccentric acquaintance. I’m especially grateful that something so simple has taken indulgent shower time to a new level. I’m grateful that a matching set of clean sheets has found its way onto my bed, and that the pillow cases don’t clash.

I’m grateful for an open heart.

I’m grateful for boundaries.

I’m grateful for energetic tools.

I’m grateful for touch.

I’m grateful for laughter.

I’m grateful for connection.

I’m grateful for love.