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by Bill Watterson

by Bill Watterson

Today, I’m grateful for a sunny day earlier this week…even though I first thought it would be a cloudy one. I’m grateful for central heat that made it easier to get out of bed in the gray morning. I’m grateful for having plenty of time to get ready for work, and for easily walking out the door on time.

I’m grateful for finding a protein powder my body likes to process and that my tongue doesn’t mind tasting. I’m grateful that, despite the funky grand cross/new moon energy, work went smoothly and peacefully. I’m grateful for the generosity of a male 20-something co-worker who, upon my realization that I’d forgotten earrings this morning, said, “You still look lovely…you are more than your earrings.”

I’m grateful for the inspiration and energy to cook a yummy dinner when I got home from work. I’m grateful for my Indian cookbook for providing me with creative ways of using familiar ingredients. I’m grateful that the dishes turned out fairly well. I’m grateful that my body liked them so much that it promptly fell asleep after eating…something I’ve struggled to accomplish lately.

I’m grateful for the radio and the classical station that plays soothing music when I have to drive in heavy traffic last night. I’m grateful for this delightful piece the station played and that I immediately heard a lovely arrangement in my mind. I’m grateful that I had the time and the creative impulse to complete the arrangement…and that I’m satisfied with it.

I’m grateful for water.

I’m grateful for hearing.

I’m grateful for an open heart.

I’m grateful for hugs.

I’m grateful for nature.

I’m grateful for love.