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sacred star

Tonight, I’m grateful for a day to reboot and recalibrate after a year of release. I’m grateful for a sense of optimism and a lightness of heart that continues to blossom within…something I have never felt on a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

I’m grateful for beginning a new practice of honoring the new and full moons with greater ritual. I’m grateful for companions who joined me and that these companions are manifesting after three years of setting intentions. I’m grateful for the treasures each of us brings to these sacred spaces as well as the vulnerability and connection we so deeply desire to reflect to each other and the world around us.

I’m grateful for a quiet and safe space in which to perform the rituals, and the supporting gift of nature who provides it. I’m grateful for a neighboring black and white kitty who met me at the back door as I began setting up the space. I’m grateful for her presence and company as she assisted me in preparation. I’m grateful that she walked the entire perimeter of space, setting protective boundaries for us. I’m grateful for the love and purrs she gave me…reminding me of Macavity and his love of sacredness and ritual and energy work.

I’m grateful for the courage to both honor the nudgings of my soul in these practices and invite others to join in some capacity…either with me or wherever they are…and that as they have the courage to reveal their souls with me, together we can support one another…shining our lights…reminding others of the light they have within.

I’m grateful for ripples.

I’m grateful for support.

I’m grateful for encouragement.

I’m grateful for intentions.

I’m grateful for creation.

I’m grateful for love.