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Several years ago, I remember grabbing my remote control and stopping a movie in the middle of a story line. My mind had been so challenged and blown wide open by possibilities that I couldn’t even begin to digest it all. The movie was called “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” and I think it took close to three months for me to actually watch the entire film.

One such stunning-the-brain moment was when the narrator described the challenges the Native Americans had in seeing Columbus’ ships…that only the shaman could see them. No one else could see them because no one else had considered the possibility that they could exist, much less imagine and then see that they did exist.

Ever since that moment I have felt a sense of unease around creating my life. People talk about being responsible for your life and being the changes you wish to see in the world and dreaming your future so you can attract it and blah blah blah. But the one piece that everyone misses is this: What if I don’t have a good enough imagination to imagine my greatest potential because I don’t even know it exists?

Scale this idea back a bit and this question still applies in my current situation of relationships with others. One theme that has repeatedly popped up this year is one of forging new paths with people. Where once there used to be clear-cut lines of choices and options for healthy and beneficial relationships, there are now an increasing number of hazy potentials…hazy, because like the shaman, all I can see is a disturbance of the energy potential. I still have absolutely no idea what is creating that disturbance or how to utilize it or follow it or describe it or experience it. More and more people are being brought together without the threat of being separated…at least not in the ways that once existed.

For example, I read an interview of Mayor Bloomberg’s daughter today. In it, she describes a relationship with a man who is now the father of her child. She has known this man since they were kids and their relationship has changed and morphed over time. They aren’t married…I don’t know if they are even living together…and yet they are happily and successfully raising a child together. Together, separate, but not separated.

My own relationships with people are mirroring this phenomenon. Some people have definitely left my life. But others have returned…and returned…and returned…always in some new iteration or form, inviting me to morph along with them. And every time I choose to dance this dance of transformation, there is a richness…a deepening…an intimacy…a connection that forms between us that is so strong and powerful that I often find myself in awe of this gift and opportunity.

This is not to say that achieving this has been easy or simple…rarely is it either. Most have required painful honesty, deep breaths and time-outs, conversations over a span of several months or years, many tears, even more hugs, and lots and lots of time…both together and apart. And, many times there were moments when one or both of us would just sit and wonder how we could possibly navigate this path and stay connected, for there just seemed to be no way through the situation.

And this is where life currently is transforming. This “other” way…the unseen door…the hidden passageway…the miraculous opening…the unimagined possibility…is what is becoming the new “normal.” This is the path of balance and mutual understanding…where somehow acceptance is achieved in a way where both parties’ needs are met.

I don’t know how to find this hidden potential, because, as I’ve mentioned earlier, my imagination is quite limited. The only way I know how to access this greater potential is to ask this question…over and over and over again:

What else is possible?

And so it is.