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Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a growing trend…both within my clients and the clients at the day spa where I work. People are experiencing an increase in lower back pain…some to the point of crippling their ability to move through their lives.

Sometimes, of course, such situations are as a result of a serious medical condition which requires appropriate medical treatment from a physician. And sometimes, such situations are as a result of feeling unsupported in some aspect of life. If the source of the pain is the latter, no amount of medical care, chiropractic care, acupuncture, or massage will fix the pain…only changing the situation will bring any amount of relief. That being said, that change could be anything from changing an attitude to leaving a situation completely.

Coincidentally, a current theme in the cards I’ve been drawing recently, regardless of which deck I use, is that we are at the end of a cycle. Many different spiritual teachers are saying similar things, so I’m fairly certain that this is not a new idea or thought. However, how that ending shows up in our day-to-day mundane aspects of life is not always addressed in these grand statements…sometimes we can find ourselves completely frazzled, stressed out, exhausted, and panicked without a clear understanding as to why.

The why is this: that which once served our greatest happiness does no longer.

Because so many of us are experiencing this ending, a lot of other people are being affected by our choices…whether we want them to be or not. For example, one person in a relationship may decide that he or she is ready to move on…and the other person is not. One person in a relationship may decide that he or she is ready to commit more deeply and the other person has to decide whether to agree or walk away. One person may decide to sell his or her house and everyone else in the family, or the tenants, now have to face the consequences of that decision. One person may decide to go back to school leaving friends and family to adjust to that person’s change in availability. One person may decide to open a company or close a company…one will hire, one will lay-off. One person may decide to move to a new location…sometimes across the country or to a different country, leaving friends and family behind. One person may decide to leave his or her job situation, either for a new position in the same career or change careers altogether…affecting co-workers, a company or institution, and friends and family.

The first key in all of this change is that we are powerful…beyond our greatest imaginations. Look at all of the changes listed in the previous paragraph simply because of one person’s decision. You could be that person…and you probably are, in some capacity. Yet, without the appropriate support, even the most fluent change-er and grow-er can feel vulnerable…and experience some pretty severe lower back pain.

The second key is the saying, “As above, so below.” We address the situation in a higher dimension where things shift more easily and quickly and then simply reflect the change down into this dimension. What’s even more lovely about this process is that our mind’s consciousness doesn’t have to know how to do this…our Higher Selves already know. All we have to do is connect in and up and ask for the shift to be done.

In this particular situation, the shift is happening through our contracts. Before we experience life in this dimension we work with our guides and teachers to create contracts for this lifetime. This is how certain people or events “miraculously” appear in our lives at just the right moment. However, if we’ve altered our path slightly through our choices, or we haven’t updated our contracts recently, the opportunities or people who come to us through these changes may not be helpful. Similarly, when we’ve completed our contracts, we need to put new ones in place.

And that is what is going to be happening for the next two weeks. We are updating or rewriting our contracts, and as we do this, we will be releasing people and situations from our lives. Some of these people are not in physical form…some of them have been our support group in different dimensions and they contribute to our lives through our “conscience”…that inner voice or voices that guide us. Sometimes those inner voices conflict with each other or with our inner wisdom. When we become aware of that, it’s time to release that soul from our support group…our contract for working together has ended.

The result of this release is that there is now room to bring in different souls and situations…souls who not only vibrate at a higher frequency and who can help us move forward in the direction we wish to go, but opportunities that are in alignment with our current spiritual path.

As this “changing of the guards” takes place, our body interprets this vulnerability and shift as a lack of support…hence, lower back pain. So it’s important to ask for increased protection and support from the higher realms. The Divine Masculine Energy in the forms of Shiva and Ganesh/a are helpful for transforming that which has completed and for removing obstacles between where we are and where we wish to go. Similarly, the energy of Archangels Michael and Raphael are fabulous for protection and cleaning and healing the old in preparation for the new. The Divine Feminine Energy in the forms of Quan Yin and Mother Mary are beautiful energies of unconditional love and compassion as we experience the transition. Archangel Metatron is an excellent strategist, and the Goddess Isis brings in the sacred Source of feminine power and creation.

Most importantly, your soul family is very near to you…desiring to be your source of strength and support. These are the souls who have known you intimately for aeons…and love you with a fierce and passionate commitment. Invite them to surround you…to come so close to you that you can’t help but feel them and their energy…so close that your back now feels like it’s leaning up against a strong, immovable object…and object so strong, that your back feels supported enough to relax and move fluidly, releasing the pain and the fear and the tension of protection so that there’s room to dance…to flow…to invite in the new.

And so it is.