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by Hrana Janto

by Hrana Janto

Happy Sacred Feminine Day!!!

For much of the Western world, “Friday the Thirteenth” is a day to be feared…full of superstitions around bad luck and dark things beyond our power. Many people or institutions skip the number thirteen altogether in order to avoid the associated bad luck with that number. And, to be fair, anyone who has any experience with the Sacred Feminine knows that some of this reputation is true…She is dark and can be filled with things beyond our power…especially for those who are unwilling to look beyond the surface of life, the illusions and shallow entertainment of Western culture. So long as we deny ourselves our own power the Sacred Feminine is indeed a force of terror and destruction.

But this isn’t the only force found within the Feminine. There are also lighter sides of the Sacred Feminine…gentleness, compassion, love in all its forms, creation, being, sensuality, and receiving. And today is the perfect day to celebrate the balance of these aspects of the feminine…dark and light, destruction and creation, gentleness and terror, existence and being. Why? Because today symbolizes the end of something magnificent and beautiful…the completion of birthing a creation…a birthing that began nine months ago…the birthing of our new selves and a new pattern of being, living, and creating…another step in the balancing of the masculine and the feminine throughout the world.

Let’s start with the year. This year is 2013…the thirteen number. It is a feminine year, and according to the Chinese calendar, is the year of the Black Water Snake…all feminine attributes. Also in this year, we have had a lengthy period of time with two grand water trines, forming the Star of David or the Merkabah in the heavens…sixes, the balance of the masculine and feminine in the Merkabah, and the water signs of femininity.

Next, is Friday…the day named for the Norse Goddess Freya, and the image for today’s post. This image comes from The Goddess Oracle deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto. A portion of the description of this card follows:

The Northern Europeans called their lusty Goddess Freya (pronounced fray’ya), which means ‘mistress,’ and gave her name to the sixth day of the week, Friday. She was the ruling ancestress of the elder Gods, or Vanir. She and Frigga are two aspects of the Great Goddess, Freya being the maiden aspect and Frigga the mother aspect. Freya didn’t discriminate in her choice of lovers: all the Gods were fair game. When Freya appeared draped in her feathered cloak and wearing nothing but her magic amber necklace, none could resist her.

Freya is here to assist you in honoring your sexuality. It is time to connect with that vital, primal, spiritual, regenerating energy and express it, whether or not you have a partner. It’s about being fully present in your body. Not just the shoulders or head but the clitoris, anus, breasts, and feet. It’s about allowing yourself to feel vibrant, electric energy in your sex organs and use that energy to animate your being.

Have you been feeling that sexuality is too enormous or frightening or taboo to deal with? Do you fear that living and loving your sexuality will keep you from being a ‘nice girl?’ Have the messages learned in your adolescence kept you from exploring your sexuality? (If living your sexuality brings up fear, you may want to work with Kali, or consult a therapist.) Have you been too busy to take time to give to yourself sexually? Do you feel that sex requires a partner and if you aren’t with one you can’t enjoy your sexuality? Freya says that when you live your sexuality, you open to the dynamic energy that flows through all creation. When you close down, close off, close up, you limit your possibilities for connecting with Goddess energy, which brings you greater vitality. Your path to wholeness needs to include all your parts and your sexuality is an important piece of you.

Interestingly enough, according to the Genesis stories of the Creations, the sixth day was about humanity and sensuality and sexuality. Because of this and the ultimate sacredness of Friday night opening into Shabbas the Bride, it is a mitzvah to make love to your beloved at least once between the Friday night and Saturday night hours…which leads us to the Thirteen portion of today.

In one of my earlier blogs, I wrote a short piece on the Sacred Feminine number Thirteen and its connection with the mystical aspects of Judaism and the Attributes of Divinity. It has significance for today as well because, in the Jewish practice, tonight is the beginning of Yom Kippur, the most sacred and holiest of days in the Jewish calender…also the most terrifying.

I struggle with this holiday…mostly because I do not believe in the concepts of sin and a horrific and terrifying judgement day…a day where I must fast and deny myself physically in order to ascend spiritually. I do, however, believe in Restorative Justice…a repairing of damages from a place of understanding, gratitude, abundance, and love rather than from a place of shame, judgement, and condemnation. This latter space, fueled by fear, is what I feel in Yom Kippur services…all save the opening call on Erev Yom Kippur…which would be tonight…Friday night…that sacred night of union with the beloved, welcoming in the Bride of Shabbas and soul connection. That opening call of Kol Nidre is so stirring and filled with memories of things I do not know that it’s hard to simply ignore this tradition and practice.

So, today is significant because it indicates possibilities. Perhaps there are clues around this Jewish tradition that could reveal an adjustment to the current practice…involving more than what currently exists. For instance, the thirteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter Mem. In the Ask the Kabala Oracle deck, this letter is associated with Miram, the older sister and protector of Moses, leader of women, and guardian of water in the desert…all deeply symbolic associations. The hidden-in-plain-sight thirteenth tribe of Israel is the Levi tribe…the tribe without land yet given the mysteries of sacredness. The Gematria for the Hebrew words for  “love” (ahava), “care” (de’aga), and “one” (echad) all have the numerical value of thirteen. And, traditionally, when a child reaches the age of thirteen, he/she is ready to become an adult in the Jewish tradition through the bar/bat mitzvah process.

Thirteen is everywhere in Judaism, and so frequently symbolizes the Feminine and sacredness that it makes me wonder. If we bring all of these concepts together…the Bride of Shabbas, the Kabalah Tree of Life, Sacred Geometry and the Merkabah, the Thirteen Attributes of Divinity and all the other symbology of thirteen within Judaism…is Yom Kippur really being celebrated in integrity with the tenants of Judaism or is there a modified way of celebrating or honoring this sacred time…a way that includes transformation from a place and time of support and rebirth and renewal rather than pure destruction. A space of releasing to allow recreation to flourish and abundance to grow. A space of balance between the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine where love, compassion and connection are the leaders.

Because look…today…Friday the 13th…Freya’s day…in the year of the black water snake…with grand water trines in the heavens…filled with feminine symbology of thirteen…today, something is changing.

Something is shifting.

Something is birthing.

Something has completed.

It is sacred.

It is beautiful.

It is transformational.

It is celebrated.

And so it is.