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from Illinois Department of Agriculture

from the Illinois Department of Agriculture

This has been some ride, hasn’t it? The last two months have felt exactly like a roller-coaster for me…sometimes it’s just too much of a rush to do anything except hold on and stay present. In such situations, my screams are usually reserved for after I walk away from the breathless contraption.

Our current energetic temperature feels like that walking away moment. The fire was lit at the full moon, giving energy and movement to the areas of life I have focused on, and now, in this new moon, I’m beginning to see the fruits of all of my efforts…some of them have been years in the making. There is also a sense of relief…completion…finale…conclusion.

There might be some grief for some through this process. If so, honor it and ride it out. Remember, your body can only sustain an intense emotion for a maximum of 90 seconds at any given moment, so stay present, breathe, and let it take you to your next destination.

For others, this process may create a sense of celebration. The exclamation of “FINALLY!” comes to mind. If this is you, take a moment to stop and appreciate yourself and all that you are…all that you’ve survived and accomplished…all of the choices you made…all of the growth you’ve achieved…all of your triumphs in the daunting face of impending failure. Honor yourself in gratitude and humility as you complete this incredibly difficult and tremendous cycle.

For we are moving out of the completing energy of the void…the falling away space…and into the growth space of the new moon. During the void, as massive amounts of finished business wrapped up and fell away, a kind of energetic purging is taking place…a process that the body may want to also experience. This purging and falling away is always important in order to make room for the new to root and grow and flourish. As the purge completes tonight, we may experience memories or dreams or thoughts that trigger emotions we thought were long gone. They are…they’re simply releasing. Avoid focusing on them for they will distract us from our path, direction of growth and movement. Instead, keep your eyes, thoughts, and emotions on your desired outcomes, setting intentions for this and the next three months.

For added punch, write your intentions on yellow paper with red ink (first and third chakras) and place them on a sacred altar or place of honor in your house or garden or bedroom. If it resonates, you could create a ritual where you burn the intentions with sacred fire and bury the ashes in fertile soil where they will be watered and support growth in plants and trees…thereby also supporting growth within you.

Or, you could work with a beeswax candle. The beeswax connects you with the medicine of the bees, which is supported change. They will come visit you, either in dreams or in waking life, to test your fear levels around the change you have requested. I’ve experienced both kinds of visitations. If they find that you are not fearful, they will bring you the change you desire…otherwise they will wait and keep testing you until your fear levels are low enough to embrace and receive the gift of change.

Just as with burning the intentions, invoke sacred fire when lighting the beeswax candle. This is to protect you and your intentions from anyone or anything that is less than the highest vibration. Once lit, speak your intentions as a declaration and commitment. The Universe can only hold as much commitment to your requests as you do, so ramp that volume up!

Finally, if there is still a lot of fear around the changes you wish to make, include an intention to identify the purpose this fear serves for you…for there is always a purpose. However, this purpose can always be served in higher and more evolved ways so it isn’t necessary that this fearful and limiting behavior or pattern or belief stay with you. You can ask for a more enlightened way of being and perceiving be downloaded into your energetic fields…in this and all dimensions and lifetimes where you currently express yourself. Invite your body deva and team to do the same. This will then allow a release of the unnecessary patterns, thoughts, beliefs, and habits making room for the new to come in without fear.

Let it be so…Happy new moon!