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by Gysela Gervais

by Gysela Gervais

Today I remembered my camera as I walked to and from work. I have passed this tree so many times on this walk and it always captures both my attention and imagination. To be honest, it’s rather difficult to miss, as the tree is part of the sidewalk on a rather busy street. There are little lanterns hanging from the branches…each a different bright color. Strings of equally bright colors hang from the branches, each one filled with notes clipped to them. This truly is a very bright and beloved tree.

Each time the tree and I visit with each other I wonder who created this beautiful space and why? Then I wonder about all the people who, like me, walk by here frequently and have secret wishes they haven’t written out yet. I also wonder about the people who have left wishes here…what their lives are like…who loves them…and if any of the wishes have been fulfilled. I love that they have been so brave in putting their desires in such a public forum…opening themselves up to community with others simply through the act of participating.

I wonder, too, why this tree was chosen above all the others on the street. What is it about this tree that demonstrated the perfect container on which to drape humanity? And…I wonder what the tree thinks of it all.

I’m also tempted to read the wishes to find out what kinds of things people wish for…but I don’t. It seems to sacred and vulnerable of a space to intrude like that. I much prefer the magic of the mystery and a shared experience with others who find this lovely hidden piece of life. So I set my intention, express my wish, and continue on to work…feeling just a bit more connected with myself and the world around me. I love that.