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from 3m.com


I am grateful for my magical lint roller that I carry everywhere with me. I’m grateful that it so efficiently cleaned up the lint explosion I experienced while at work today. I’m so grateful for my car that gets me from one appointment to another so quickly so that I can manage my tight schedule. I’m grateful for my Day Runner scheduler for keeping me organized in my mad and frenetic schedule. Thank you to whomever designed that system.

I’m grateful for my essential oils…especially those that others gift to me…I feel abundantly wealthy with them near me.

I’m unspeakably grateful for my mom who is so supportive of me and has so willingly picked up so much of my home responsibilities so that I can work and go to school and still have some me-time to center and connect with myself. I’m grateful for time spent with friends…either online, on the phone, or in person…I feel abundantly wealthy with love and wisdom and laughter when I’m around you.

I’m grateful for my blooming bleeding heart plant which still brings me so much joy after 7 years of moving and blooming together.

I’m grateful for the cross-breeze in my bedroom and the happy sounds of the crickets singing to me in perfect rhythmic and sonorous union.

I’m grateful for opportunity.

I’m grateful for courage.

I’m grateful for adventure.

I’m grateful for laughter.

I’m grateful for hugs.

I’m grateful for heart-connections.

I’m grateful for love.

P.S. I’m grateful for the spell-check who told me that “bleeding heart” is a cliche. That’s awesome. 🙂