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by Gysela Gervais

by Gysela Gervais

The past three days have been nothing short of magical. All sorts of beautiful connections, synchronicities, and delightful surprises have been flowing toward me…all because I let go just a little bit and started accepting my wild and crazy life.

One of my current jobs involves data entry work around rare books and books about the eras of rare books. Recently, I’ve been working on books about the crazy pioneers of the nineteenth century West. These people did everything. They saw all sorts of stuff and really had absolutely no idea what would come next or even if they would live to see another year. Their biographies are fascinating and I am often amazed that one person could do so much in such a short period of time.

Then I start telling my story to someone who doesn’t know it…like I did this week…and I can’t help but giggle. One thing is for damn sure…my life is not boring or predictable no matter how hard I try to make it be so. And as soon as I can embrace that and accept that fully rather than trying to be just like everyone else, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So, to assist in that process today, I did some self-care. I went to a free Foundation Training class and came away feeling like a regenerated being. Also in the class was a dear woman who I haven’t seen in several months. Neither of us knew the other would be there and the heart-connecting hug filled my entire body with joy. Our conversation only increased that joy and the flow of possibilities and delights that is now moving. Afterwards, I found my favorite little cafe for a nosh, then wandered over to my favorite centering healing space. This little shop is filled with crystals and statues and statuettes and incense and shawls and candles and jewelry and singing bowls and all manner of high-frequency lovelies. I simply absorbed and felt the joy expand and grow and fill me up into the tiny crevices of my space.

Then I realized what a beautiful journey I have. I don’t need to go to an amusement park because my personal ride is way more exhilarating. Just like those nineteenth century pioneers, I really have no idea what’s coming next, which direction the next bend or dip or hill will take me, which parts will be so fast that my breath is in my low belly tingling my sacrum or if it will be so slow that I can simply count the moments by my breaths. All I knew in that moment is that this adventure is really wonderful…that I get to do what I love and other people get to feel better as a result.

This is it. This is life. This is good.

Soul connected again.