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As we move into the quiet stillness of the new moon, there may be some confusion and exhaustion. For some people life is magical and wonderful and spectacular. For others, not quite as much…at least it seems that way. This has been a tough year for many people and just as we survive and triumph over one hurdle, there’s another one there. We’ve been doing this now for seven months…and we’ve still got five more to go.

This is the golden mean moment…that point in time when some significant event will be a turning point for you and for the planet. It’s similar to a musical concert. When creating the program or set-list, the highlight piece is always 2/3 of the way through the concert so it has the biggest impact on the listeners. It is then followed by a deeply harmonious piece, bringing the heart back together, and finishes with a triumphant and upbeat piece, allowing the listeners to feel complete and whole as they leave. This new moon is that impact piece…or at least the beginning of it…it’s going to last a bit.

So, in order to survive this heavy, emotional, full of transition, and upheaval, we’re being offered support and messages of encouragement. These messages come from a variety of places and sources…it simply is a matter of noticing them and learning how to interpret them. Thankfully, many of our messages come to us in ways that are only important to us, so you don’t have to take a class in higher-dimensional communication, or get a dictionary of angel languages or apprentice to a shaman. Start with what is meaningful to you.

For example, I am a musician, and I think and feel in terms of music…particularly classical music. As much as I love words and make a valiant effort to select the precise words to express and communicate my inner experience, they never quite can capture the fullness of all that exists within. Music is the closest thing for me, and some pieces access parts of my emotional life that nothing else can.

Because of this, music is a very powerful communication tool for me…to understand myself better as I both play and experience music, and to connect with others as we play together or I listen to another perform. Additionally, the message of the music itself increases the understanding and appreciation of all that is present in that live, dynamic, magical moment.

After class the other night, I turned on my car to drive home. My radio is always tuned to one of the two classical stations in the area…I feel quite fortunate to have so many options. In the split second that the radio came to life, I heard two notes…high, soaring notes…on a violin. Instantly I recognized the piece…one of my favorites since childhood…Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in e minor…the first movement, Allegro molto appassionato. In those nano-seconds of recognition, I saw myself as a kid…lying in the sun between a mango and lychee tree, surrounded by blooming roses, a slight breeze, big puffy cumulus clouds floating lazily above me, a favorite book in my hands, and Isaac Stern playing this piece on my boombox. The feeling was one of ultimate contentment, peace, tranquility, and harmony…something I’m not exactly feeling in every moment of my life currently.

And yet, this memory exists…and that means the feelings are available to me. I just have to remember and focus on them…even if all around me is enough drama to support ten seasons of a television reality show. Some days I can hold on to this memory for a full fifteen seconds…some days only five…some days a full minute. It’s not long, but it’s enough to shift my insides and my focus away from the things I want to leave behind and toward the things I want to create.

So, as you breathe through this new moon, keep in mind that this is that pivotal moment in the program of creation. It’s gut-wrenching and heart-swelling and at times overwhelming. And when it is, look for those personal love notes of support…bringing you peace and an opportunity to refocus your attention.

Expressing gratitude.

And so it is.