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from Lee Capps

from Lee Capps

This full moon is one of the most nebulous ones I’ve experienced in conscious memory. It’s slippery…not wanting to be defined…first going one way, then another when you least expect it. It’s swirly and tilty and unpredictable in the most unfamiliar of ways.

Just the other night I was standing at the kitchen sink washing a large, heavy bowl. Suddenly, the room swirled and tilted and I honestly had no idea which direction was up or down. I was completely disoriented. I had no clue where I ended and where the rest of the world began…we were all mixed up within each other. Just as I realized I was going to fall and hurt myself and break the bowl, everything untwisted and went back to normal. Except that it didn’t. That tilty twist shifted something within me, and it took a bit of time to figure out what it was.

There are two components this moon is addressing quite heavily: boundaries and hearing. And they interact and affect each other in sometimes unexpected ways.

Boundaries are always an interesting experience for me, as I’ve noticed that they keep changing. Part of that change is due to experience and being more in tune with the things that support and honor me, and part of it is simply that our old ways are no longer being supported. Whether we like it or not, our boundaries are changing. Things we once could tolerate for long periods of time are shortening…things we never could tolerate are now becoming non-issues. The key in understanding this shift is the fundamental support behind them.

For example, inconsistencies are being tolerated less and less…particularly when the inconsistent person or institution isn’t willing to take responsibility. Such situations could be someone saying she wants to hire you only to discover that she doesn’t have the power or the resources to hire you. It could be that an institution promises to call you on a particular day regarding a business transaction and the call never comes…nor are they available to talk when you call them. It could be that someone makes plans with you and then he/she fails to show up or call. Or, it could be that you’ve made an agreement with someone and he/she decides not to keep his/her end of the agreement.

All of these inconsistencies are examples of living out of integrity…the words and beliefs and actions do not match. And these situations are becoming increasingly less tolerated and supported as more and more people shift into greater degrees of personal responsibility and empowerment…resulting in new boundaries. These new boundaries show us deeper ways to love ourselves…not from a place of ego or power over another…rather, from a place of honoring ourselves and our needs before another’s. We cannot be of service to another unless we are giving joyfully from a place of abundance. In order to acquire that abundance, we must first care for ourselves.

This includes changing how we listen. We have many ways of listening. Yes, we listen with our ears, but our ears can only tell us so much. We also listen with our eyes, with our emotions, with our intuition, and with our experiences. And those are only the tools we use in this dimension. Many of us are also expressing ourselves, simultaneously, in other dimensions. This means that we are also listening with our listening tools in those dimensions…and we can feel it all in this one. This is because of another listening tool…our energetic ears.

Our energetic ears are similar to a radio tower…we point them toward the source from which we desire information. And then we simply receive that information. The challenge comes when we receive more than belongs to us. Now we are in a state of empathic sensitivity, which means we are now feeling what that source is feeling…we are thinking what that source is thinking, and desiring what that source is desiring.

And now we have a problem. Because our boundaries have shifted within us, we are no longer tolerant of inconsistencies…either within ourselves or with others. So this empathic sensitivity feels yukky…because it isn’t ours. We can’t do anything with it, which also means we can’t change it. No amount of work or love or patience or hope or filters or delusions will make this uncomfortable situation change. The only thing that will change this situation is to stop the empathic sensitivity and send all the responsibility for solving that situation back to the source.

So, how do we stop the empathic sensitivity? By turning our energetic ears inward…into our Divine Lines, connecting us to our Higher Selves and Source. This is the only place we need to listen to. All wisdom, mastery, insight, competencies, solutions, manifestations, and enlightenment can be accessed this way. The second we listen outside of this space we immediately enter into tension, anxiety, insecurity, co-dependency, craving attention, craving acceptance, craving approval, and all of the other uncomfortable things we are used to experiencing in life.

And here’s the joke. As we turn our ears inward, our boundaries shift again…requiring our ears to recalibrate deeper…and on and on…until our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors are fully in harmony with our essence and we have turned our insides out.

This is what this Full Moon is all about…Fully Moon…Fully You.

And so it is.