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from Scott

from Scott

Tonight, I’m grateful that I survived yesterday. I’m grateful that I’m learning to be more compassionate towards myself when I have dramatic and intense emotional moments without knowing why. I’m grateful that I didn’t shut it down, but instead allowed it to flow through me…experiencing all the swirliness and confusion and turmoil and topsy-turveyness fully.

I’m grateful that I’m starting down an unexpected, surprising, and sudden path in my life. I’m grateful that I’m starting to see the wonderment in this unexpected twist in life and open to the joy it is bringing to me. I’m grateful for so much support from the Universe and all the synchronicities that make it very clear where I am to go and what I am to do next. I’m grateful for all the human support that surrounds me as I work through the negative voices and beliefs that are arising through this process. I am even more grateful for those dear friends who are traveling this similar road of experiences with me…it really isn’t quite so lonely a process with them along. I’m grateful that these friends know how to help me laugh at myself with love, allowing me to increase my self-compassion stories.

I am laughingly appreciative and grateful at the abundant answer to my plea to help find my camera charger so I can take pictures again. Not only did the Universe help me find it (in a place that would be safe and easy to access throughout and after the move…except I forgot where that place was), but in the process of attending to my car as it struggles through Mercury Retrograde, I found my previous one that I thought was lost forever! Thanks!

I’m grateful for porch swings.

I’m grateful for purring kitties.

I’m grateful for hugs.

I’m grateful for snuggle blankets.

I’m grateful water hoses.

I’m grateful for flowers.

I’m grateful for love.