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from Amazon

from Amazon

Today, I came across a really lovely book.

To be fair, my judgement could have been impaired, because for the last two days I have been working on books solely devoted to ghost towns of the American Southwest and nineteenth century Texas. After a while they all say the same things and the keywords are repeatable…ad nauseam…but not quite. One book will add a focus that’s different and another one will leave out a couple focii, which means I must pour over the last ones with the same attention as I did the first ones.

So, when this book came up in my pile, I initially yawned and thought yet another book on what makes Texas so much greater than any other place.

And then I opened it.


There isn’t any type!

Ok…there are words and there is something to read, but it’s all in Earl Thollander’s handwriting…scattered and interspersed between his drawings. The drawings vary in size…some are little pieces of magic tucked into a corner, others fill most of two pages. The art, mostly line drawings, have just enough detail to pull you into the scene, but not so much that it eliminates the imagination. They’re playful and engaging…mysterious and reminiscent. Combined with the handwriting/journal style entries you have a wee bit of heavenly delight in your hands.

Upon further research, I was sad to discover that not only did I once live near Mr. Thollander and never met him, but also that he is no longer living. There is a website that features some of his art and books, but it seems that they are becoming increasingly scarce…good for owners, sad for those who wish to collect.

So, in the meantime, I think I’ll just tuck this little item near my desk at work and whenever I need a little break from the monotony, I’ll pull it out…and lose myself in his back roads whimsy yet again.

Even if it is Texas 😉