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from Wikipedia Commons

Less Stress, More Strauss  ~KUSC

I saw the above statement on a license plate frame yesterday. At the time I was so lost in thought about all the mundane things I must accomplish in the next 24 hours that this whimsical command completely surprised me and brought me back to the present moment. I couldn’t help but laugh with delight at such a joyful reminder that stress doesn’t have to rule every moment…I can substitute Strauss instead.

In that moment, I heard this song play through my head, and my steps automatically timed themselves to the piece as I continued on my way.

A few moments later the song, as a soundtrack, transported me back to my middle school days when I lived and breathed Anne of Green Gables. It’s the piece being played during the Christmas Ball to which Anne has been invited by Diana’s mother. Anne is so blissfully excited…her first ball, her first beautiful store-bought dress with puffed sleeves, her first love, her first dance, her first best friend, her first sleepover. I remember repeatedly watching this scene, simultaneously frustrated, excited, embarrassed, and delighted with the multitude of intense emotions all these momentous experiences packed into such a short period of time brought…only to be stopped short by racing to the spare room bed and leaping onto Diana’s great aunt by accident.

And again I laughed.

And again I did a little skip as I walked.

Who knew that someone with such an unfortunate affinity for intentionally abundant facial hair could also write music which produces so complete a transformation in a couple heartbeats and a skip of the step?