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Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone

I once gave a talk about doing a life review.

It was actually a sermon for the Shabbas service based on Parashat Masei (Numbers 33:1-36:13). 

In my talk, I focused on the lack of movement…the waiting…the stopping…the evaluation. In the story, the Israelites are about to enter a new land and a new way of life. No matter how much they had looked forward to this and had lived their entire lives for this very moment in time, there was some fear and lots of uncertainty. So they do a review.

They recount all the stories of their history up to that moment…remembering all the amazing things that happened in order for them to be standing in that place at that time. They remember all of the challenges they faced and all the lessons they learned…all the changes they made in their lives, thoughts, beliefs, and practices over forty years (for some).

It’s at this point that I said something that I still strongly believe: You cannot move forward until you know where you’re headed; and you cannot know where you’re headed if you don’t know where you’ve been.

I’m laughing at the synchronicity of all of this, because when my Guides asked me to write about this tonight, I didn’t understand why. I’m sure there are many reasons I still don’t understand, but here’s what I just realized: This same passage on which I based my talk happens to be the Torah portion for this week. Also, it’s Mercury Retrograde…a perfect time for us to evaluate our lives and make appropriate adjustments to our course direction. Additionally, on July 8th, Saturn goes direct, requiring us to take responsibility for our lives and our creations, and the moon is new…offering us the opportunity to set intentions and plant seeds for our future.

So, today is that place of stopping…standing still…waiting…lack of movement. Take some time today to think back to the person you were four months ago…six months ago…a year ago…three years ago. Go back as far as you need to in order to appreciate the amazingness of you and the life you are living and creating. As you look back, ask your Guides to show you synchronicities…those points when things didn’t make sense at the then but in hindsight you can see the perfection of timing and the hidden gifts of love. Ask them to show you patterns that you’ve changed…habits that are now dissolved…wounds that have healed…love that has been created.

As you do this, look for the path that your life has been creating…a direction of movement that you may not have noticed previously. For some, you may have been forging a path through a jungle…creating a road where no road previously existed. If so, this is hard and exhausting work and you may have forgotten the bigger picture. By stopping, looking back, and seeing this road’s direction your clarity will be heightened, resulting in reassurance and comfort and possibly rejuvenation…for you see now that you’re on the right road, doing the right thing, headed in the right direction.

When you find this certainty and direction, look to see if it projects into the future. If it does, look down the road. There will be clues and hints as to where you’re headed and what your next step is. There may be some fear of the unknown, some doubts as to how it will all work out, and that’s ok. It’s part of the journey too…simply ask for increased courage, support, and reassurance. There’s plenty available to you and anyone and everyone who needs it. All you have to do is ask. When you receive it, express gratitude, take a deep breath, and take the next step.

And so it is.