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I love those little “aHA!” moments in life…those wee bits of insight, however small, that provide that missing piece…the clarity needed around a perplexing situation. I also love these moments for adding a new dimension to a previously taught concept…like peeling the onion for deeper and deeper layers and meanings within the same teaching. Or, in Jewish terms, the Torah ūüėČ

For the past year-and-a-half, my Guides and my Higher Self have been teaching me about receiving. They began with basic concepts like learning how to receive an act of kindness with graciousness and learning how to receive a gift with appreciation. This last weekend, they took the concept a bit deeper.

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who you¬†knew was able to connect and commune with a Higher Power…that this connection was so strong and so clear that the messages came through without hesitation or distortion? You also¬†knew that this person had a gift…was Divinely appointed…was able to do¬†something that you could never accomplish, but really wanted to? I have. To all of it.

When I was younger, I belonged to a Christian denomination who believes in the teachings of a “modern” prophet. I say “modern” because this prophet lived over 100 years ago in comparison with those who are current teachers and prophets like the Dalai Lama. This denominational prophet from my childhood received visits from angels and experienced many visions. These visits and teachings and visions were written down and published for the purposes of the denomination’s instruction.

As a child, I always wondered at this person. I wondered how this prophet knew where the information was coming from, and how other people were so willing to accept the writings and teachings if they hadn’t also experienced such things. There just didn’t seem to be a lot of discernment available at the time or in my time, and it bothered me. At the same time, I wished I had that ability to commune so intimately with angels and receive teachings and visions too. I figured if one person could do it then I should be able to too. Except…I couldn’t…but I didn’t know why. I eventually decided that the prophet was more special or more loved by God than I was, and that just pissed me off so I pretty much ignored anything the prophet had to say from then on.

It wasn’t until I left Christianity altogether that I had a big enough perspective on spirituality to allow other teachers into my life…teachers who had this same kind of connection with Divinity and were able to teach me how to cultivate a similar connection for myself. They taught me that I¬†did know how to do this…and that I¬†had been doing it all my life. I just didn’t know that’s what I had been doing.

But, they showed me, there was an element missing in my communication with Divinity. Just a small one…but a slightly important one. I didn’t listen for replies. I just talked and talked and talked and talked…all about me and my life and my sorrows and my frustrations and the annoying driver and the stupid return policies and the slow grocery line when I clearly had more important things to do. I never actually stopped to listen…in case there was actually anything Divinity had to say to me.

So I started practicing listening. Oh my God and Goddess! What a difficult thing to do! I wrestled with this for¬†years. My mind would wander to my to-do list…the laundry, the dishes in the kitchen, the items I needed for teaching the next day, the bill that needed to be paid, feeding the cat, returning a phone call. If I ever got my mind to stop for any length of time, I’d fall asleep. I finally had to admit to myself that I was an absolute and complete failure at listening to Divinity. So I gave up.

And then one day a flash of insight came at a most unexpected moment as I went about my daily routines. And then it happened again…and again. At first, I just thought I was spectacularly brilliant. I would be so excited and in awe with my incredible intellect for producing such wisdom. I would tell my teacher, only to discover that my teacher had telepathically sent that information to me. Slightly deflated, but also a little excited that I’d actually received something from someone, I kept listening.

Then I experienced another trippy thing. I’d be talking with a friend and words would start coming out of my mouth that I had never heard before. I certainly had never thought of them before, so I would listen in astonishment as my mouth spoke the exact words I needed to hear…to my friend. When I told my mentors, they chuckled, telling me that Divinity wanted to communicate with me so badly that He/She was determined to find a way¬†somehow…so pay attention to everything I could.

So I did. Songs on the radio, phrases people said as they walked past me, letters or cards showing up at specific times in my life, phone calls, physical sensations of someone stroking my cheek even if no physical being was around, feathers, numbers…all kinds of things. Whenever I noticed these things I realized that Divinity was trying to communicate with me. So I tried to listen. Sometimes I got a word or a phrase or a picture. Usually I got a feeling of love or full body chills. The physical sensations were much easier to believe and trust. The thoughts or words or pictures were very easy to doubt…and I did. I still do sometimes…it’s an ongoing process. Whatever I could receive in trust I did, expressed gratitude, and kept going.

In time, as I trusted my connection more through repeated contact the messages became clearer and stronger and longer. I became more familiar with the syntax and structure and vocabulary of the Higher Realms and it became much easier for me to discern the claims or teachings of another. As a curiosity exercise, I found some of the prophetic teachings from my childhood and read them. I laughed in delight as I could easily see which phrases or paragraphs were clearly from a Higher Realm and which ones were personal opinion. I felt as though I had finally broken an indecipherable code.

And, in a sense, I had. I had finally learned how to listen. Not perfectly, but I was learning. So I asked to be taught how to hear better. In retrospect I see that the answer was in the process of learning how to receive…the essence of the Sacred Feminine. Being. Void. Expansion. Acceptance. Flow. Letting Go. All of these teachings led me to that place of stillness so that I could receive. Not just receiving the gifts or acts of kindness of another human, which was the first step, but wisdom, insights, love, and communication from Divinity.

This is the message from Divinity from this weekend…be open to receive. Be willing to hear messages in your heart, trusting their wisdom and guidance. The more clearing and releasing we can do, healing old wounds, allowing that which no longer serves our greatest happiness to fall away, the more room we have to receive from Divinity…the more storage space there is on the hard drive for the downloads we’ve requested. And if you feel stuck or frustrated or ready to give up, certain that you’re an absolute and complete failure at listening, know that Divinity will find a way to communicate with you…for you are loved immeasureably…cherished unconditionally…desired passionately…precious, valuable, and perfect no matter what.

And so it is.