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by Sally Mason

by Sally Mason

A new pattern is emerging around my dream life…and I’m starting to like it a lot. I have always had vivid and complex dreams, using all my senses and remembering my experiences once I wake up. The recent change is that my dream life and waking life are starting to merge…one flows into the other so that all that is different is where I place my conscious attention.

This morning as I “woke up” I was already in a conversation with one of my Teachers, so I simply continued our conversation in meditation. In my dream I was very upset with an OB/GYN physician for his lack of understanding women’s health and needs. Every day I would go into the hospital to fight for the rights of the women and their needs. Needless to say, the relationship between me that the physician was highly strained. My Teacher was instructing me about this situation. Here is our conversation:

Teacher: …This is the full awakening of the heart…that you experience the fullness of joy in the soul when you do what is right for another.

Me: (after much thought) I don’t like that idea.

Teacher: Why not?

Me: (pause) Because…what comes to my mind when you say do what is right for another is that you are asking me to sacrifice me and my needs and what is right for me in order to help another. I don’t like this.

Teacher: Is that all?

Me: (pause) No…(pause)…Additionally, I feel that what you are saying is that I have the right to decide what is right for another and I do not want that responsibility. I don’t think that’s appropriate. How can I possibly know what is right for another?

Teacher: When you do what is right for another, you know in your heart because it is also right for you.

Me: (shaking my head) I feel this…I know what it is you are showing me and trying to convey to me, but it’s too easily misconstrued. There are so many people who feel that they absolutely know what is right and what is wrong and that it is their responsibility to make sure that everybody lives according to their definitions of right and wrong. Your statement seems to support this stance so I need more information. What do I say to those who are convicted in a belief and genuinely believe that what is right for them is right for another?

Teacher: In doing what is right for another, you first set your ego and personal agenda aside. In this you can truly see what the other needs…not what YOU need for the other. In doing what is right for another there is no righteous indignation on your part…only joy and unconditional love.

Me: Ahhhh…this feels much better to me. Thank you for that clarification. (pause) This righteous indignation concept is really speaking to me. I am seeing that every time I lash out in anger because I feel that someone is wrong and I need to correct that person, I am embodying righteous indignation.

Teacher: I see you are struggling with the morality of it.

Me: Yes…I’m asking myself if it’s “wrong” to be righteously indignant.

Teacher: And what is your conclusion?

Me: That it is amoral. It’s a tool…nothing more. And that sometimes it is very effective, but usually it doesn’t get me the results I want…or at least it takes a very long time to get the results I want if I choose that route.

Teacher: And what are the results that you want?

Me: Harmony…Collaboration…Support…Friendship…Love…Joy…

Teacher: Righteous Indignation doesn’t offer that?

Me: Noooooo. Not really. It separates people from each other. It sets one group up as “right” and another group up as “wrong” without offering the possibility that both are right.

Teacher: Yes. Very good.

Me: So…(hesitating)…how do I apply this to my physician situation?

Teacher: Become his ally. 

Me: His ally? Are you kidding? I don’t like him. In what way, exactly, do you mean?

Teacher: Work with him to accomplish your goals.

Me: Ugh! But he won’t work with me! He’s so entrenched in his way of methodology that he can’t see that he’s ineffective.

Teacher: He sees. He just doesn’t know what else to do. He appreciates you, you know.

Me: He does?!

Teacher: Yes. Very much. He lacks vision and imagination and he knows it. He sees that you see very much and very clearly and he admires that in you. He’s willing to follow your guidance and work with you, but you are so blinded with your “right-ness” that you can’t see his willingness.

Me: Huh. (Long pause) Ok. I can see that I’ve been too hard on him…too impatient…too demanding without appreciation. I’m sorry.

Teacher: He doesn’t need your apology. He’s grateful that you are showing him new things and appreciates your fire tremendously. Let’s just channel it in a different way.

Me: Ok. So…you mentioned the word “Ally.” What does it mean to be an ally? Do I have to compromise who I am to be an ally?

Teacher: To be an ally you compromise form and structure without compromising principle.

Me: What principle?

Teacher: The principle of Love

Me: What is the principle of Love?

Teacher: The principle of Love is that all are equal. All are valuable. No one is better or worse than another. No one deserves more or less. All receive the blessings as they choose to, for the blessings are equally available to all…unconditionally. Simply being is enough of a prerequisite.

When you work as an ally, you begin from this perspective…this mindset…this heartspace.  Recognize that this person, this being, this soul in front of you is equal to you in all ways…is loved by Divinity with the same ferocious passion as you are…that your breath and the other’s breath came from the same Source. And in that place of Source, there is joy…love…harmony…all is unified.

When you work as an ally, begin by finding the place where you two agree. Focus on that one point and expand it. Let the rest go. Release it…surrender it to the wisdom of Divinity for resolution, for there is a resolution, but you may not be able to perceive it in this dimension. Allow your gifts to flow together…to merge harmoniously for the sake of joining forces in order to accomplish more together than is possible separately. Feel your hearts connect from a place of love and acceptance.

If you cannot accept all, accept the one point that brought you together. Feel the harmony there. Collaborate in that place. When struggles arise between you and dissension increases threatening the alliance, return to this place of harmony and connection. Allow all else to fall away again in order for a new path through the struggle to be revealed.

Always allow the heart to guide you. The rational mind separates; the heart joins. The heart will never guide you to abandon self…only amplify the joys and love that already reside in that space. Allow the mind to learn from this…to be servant to this experience for it has become unbalanced and has lost its way…like a blind man trying to lead a seeing-eye dog. This was never its purpose.

Bringing the mind back into balance necessarily requires an abandonment of those beliefs that you hold dear. And yet if you truly listen to your heart, you know that these cherished beliefs cannot be right or true or honorable or from Divinity in their present form. Look for the purpose…the principle…the higher wisdom in this belief. Look for the ways this higher wisdom has been distorted through dogmaticism, structure, form, rules, restrictions, processes, rituals, promises of hope. See the truth, and allow that truth to resonate in your heart. Surrender the mind to the heart and the heart will retrain the mind…teaching it these higher forms of wisdom and understanding…giving insight to ancient teachings that heretofore had been unseen except by a few mystics.

Allow yourself to trust Divinity in ways never before experienced. For if Divinity is truly the essence and origin of Love, anyone on the path to Love is supported and accepted…guided, loved, and taught. There is no shame except as you create for yourself…no fear, except as you choose to perceive it…no judgement, except as you choose to hold it on yourself. Step forward in faith and joy, trusting that all is acceptable to Divinity.

Me: All is acceptable?

Teacher: Yes. In this you are not to judge for you have limited sight…limited understanding. Take your eyes off of others, focusing only on yourself and your journey…your thoughts…your heart. There is enough here to pay attention to without worrying or concerning yourself with the “rightness” or “wrongness” of another or the other’s thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. That responsibility lies solely between that person and Divinity, just as your responsibility is solely between you and and Divinity. From this place of responsibility, all are equal, so work to make it so in your outer world, and let Divinity do the rest.

This is an ally, then. The joining and collaboration of souls in harmony and acceptance where this can be achieved in order to understand that all are equal…all are loved…all is acceptable. And your only responsibility to another is to work for equality in all things. 

Me: Thank you for your teaching. I am humbled and challenged…and deeply grateful.

Teacher: It is our honor, for you are cherished greatly.

Me: Who do I say has spoken?

Teacher: You may call me Favia…Teacher of Freedom

And so it is.