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from CuteStuff.co

from CuteStuff.co

Tonight, “grateful” seems a bit passive for the passion I’m feeling, so I’m going to use “Love” and “LOVE” instead. I really don’t care that it makes me sound like a 13-year-old. Probably some part of me still is, so this is for her.

I absolutely LOVE the glimpse of the ocean as I come over the rise of the hill and it spreads out in front me in all her glory. My throat tightens, and my eyes get just a bit misty and my heart expands with joy.

I Love the sweet vendors at the Farmer’s Market who share their passion for good healthy food with the rest of the world. I LOVE that some of them give me hugs or gift me with food when I need it most. Mostly, I Love that when I give thanks before I eat, I get to thank the farmers by name.

I LOVE that the express lane sign at my new store of choice is grammatically correct. I also Love that I have a favorite checker there already.

I absolutely, utterly, and comPLEEEEtly LOVE that there have been no plane trails mucking up the skies this week. It’s been clear, blue, hot, sunny, and gorgeous. *swoon*

I also LOVE that my intuition has been so clear and strong…taking me to some veeeeery in-ter-es-ting places this week, but resulting in such squeals of delight that all I can do is grin.

I esPEcially Love that the mosquito in my bedroom has a limited life expectancy and no life insurance policy.

The very best thing that I so completely LOVE is all the surprises that have been coming my way this week…they are just SO much FUN!

Thanks Goddess! More please! 🙂

P.S. I LOVE all the suggestions that my spell-check is offering me. Some computers just have no imagination.