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I recently came across a stack of piano music that I used to play in high school. I haven’t played those pieces in many many years…for as many reasons. Out of curiosity, I sat at the piano and started playing them…wondering if I’d remember them, if I could still play them, or even if I still liked them. Remarkably, they were quite easy to play, for the most part. As I played through passages I had agonized over, I laughed as I sailed through them. And then I noticed something new…I noticed nuance and a shift in touch and slight hesitations here and there. These new things were interpretations of the music that seemed to easily flow out of me. I didn’t think about them…I just did what felt right to me and the music. And in doing this, I played an entirely different piece…with the exact same notes on the page as before.

True to Mercury Retrograde, today is a review day…a revisit day…a back-to-basics day. When we learn new skills and begin practicing a new way of living and seeing the world through new eyes, there are a lot of things to remember. Many times the information is so new and unfamiliar that we’re easily overwhelmed mentally. When we’re overwhelmed mentally, we can’t absorb ideas in a practical or applicable way for a while…we have to wait for the energetic understanding to trickle down. So situations will continue to present themselves, offering you opportunities to practice these new skills or perspectives, and yet you may not yet remember to apply the new skills or which skills to apply or even that you have a new skill.

If this is your experience, be gentle with yourself. I am very new to these shifts myself and some skills, even with five years of practice, elude me…particularly in stressful situations.

If, however, these are not new skills or new ideas to you, a review could provide a respite for you. Whether you realize it or not, you have been working rather hard, energetically, and you could use a little break…maybe even a vacation. Coming back to some of the basic tools of energy work could reveal an ease that never was there before…similar to playing my piano pieces from high school. In this ease, you are able to see just how far you’ve grown and how refined your skills are…how hard you’ve been working…and you might just find yourself reinventing your practice of these skills due to a maturity in your spiritual development.

Wherever you are in this journey, embrace it. Honor it and celebrate yourself for others are watching and learning from you because you are such a great teacher.

Today’s review is about our team.

Our teams are a group of souls we know very well. We work together because we are all in similar levels of spiritual maturity, learning similar lessons, facing similar challenges. When one of the “class” incarnates, the rest encircle the incarnated being as a support group and energetic buffering system. What the incarnated soul experiences, the “class” experiences too…and vice versa. The only difference is that we, as incarnated souls, may not be aware of the “class'” experiences.

What we as incarnated souls experience in this dimension we identify as “ours.” The emotions we feel, the thoughts in our minds, the perceptions of reality and reactions to our perceptions. The truth is, most of what we experience, about 90% of it, isn’t ours…we’re simply empathically feeling someone else. One very large group of souls that significantly impact our reality is our team…because they encircle us and we are connected to them emotionally, making it easy to get confused. This is why after each protocol for a particular step in healing or releasing energy, I also say “same for the body deva and team.”

Today’s tool revisit then is to practice inviting your team to shift something within themselves, resulting in also shifting your reality because they surround you. The task the teams have asked to practice is holding boundaries. They are recognizing how their reality affects yours in this dimension and that if they aren’t in integrity, it makes your job down here incredibly more difficult. If, for example, you are struggling to say yes to yourself (i.e. tell someone else no), invite your team to hold that energy within themselves and model it to you until you feel comfortable enough to give the answer your heart is asking you to give.

This is the same protocol to use in a variety of boundary situations. You might feel angry because someone told a story that wasn’t theirs to tell. Or, you might feel hurt that someone isn’t rescuing you from an emotionally challenging situation. Or you might feel frustrated because someone wants you to fix his/her mistakes on an ongoing basis. Whatever the situation might be, first invite your team to hold the appropriate boundary within themselves for themselves. Then ask them to reflect these boundaries and information to you.

You aren’t asking to take on their boundaries and personality preferences for what is appropriate…you’re simply asking them to show you their solution. Energetically, you evaluate their samples and choose the best options for yourself. Sometimes one of the team has the complete package for you, other times you pick pieces from a variety of souls to construct the best solution for your situation. Either way, your Higher Self knows what to do and sends the information down to your energetic grids in this dimension.

At first it might take a bit of time to receive the information and feel the shift. And, if this is the case, be patient with yourself. With some practice, just like at the piano, you will discover an automatic and instantaneous shifting point, both within yourself and within your team. Today is the perfect day to practice…so have fun!

And so it is.