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by Sunny Champagne

by Sunny Champagne

Everywhere I look tonight I see the same message…slow down!

In my personal life, the more I try to force something the more quickly all movement stops…forcing me to stop and simply be. This occurs in the oddest times and places, such as the Farmer’s Market, the gas station, driving, job applications, disagreements. Every time I hit that moment of frustration I hear that same message…to the point where I just want to flip the Universe off.

After I finally do slow down (either by choice or because there is no other option), I begin to notice things…new things…different things. There’s a new point of balance…a new point of centeredness…a different vibration of “home” within…changes in desires…adjustments to the degrees at which I am fulfilled in tasks and life. And then in this state, everything flows…almost without me having to lift a finger. Your wish is my command almost seems to be the mantra for this experience.

Astrologically this same message is being shouted to us…the message to slow down.

Firstly, we had two very powerful events so close to each other that their energies built on one another, magnifying the effects. The solstice supported a huge clearing and ending of archaic and unnecessary patterns and structures in our lives. Even the ways we communicate with the Higher Realms shifted. Doors were closed and new ones were opened. All of this has caused some disorientation at the very least, and in some, irritability, fear, anxiety, and panic.

The second event was the “super” full moon on the following day. This full moon assisted in the clearing of the finished energies and structures and patterns by providing us with cleansing and purifying energies. If you felt drawn to water or lighter foods or a fast or a juicing cleanse, extra showers or baths, or an unknown ritual, you were feeling the effects of this full moon. I encourage you to do these activities with intention for the next two days as this energy will still be potent, supporting these activities.

These two events are preparing us for our next phase in life. Many many people are finding that the old ways of living are no longer fitting for them and those ways of being, living, finding fulfillment, earning money are no longer viable options. Again, those ways are slowing down as they end, and these events are helping us make space for the new ways, the new life, the more fulfilling soul enriching life to come in.

Two other astrological events will support this purging, finishing, preparing, and slowing down. And, they both will last for a bit of time.

The first event is what is called the grand water trine and will last for about a month. A grand water trine means that three planets are in water signs and they are in a harmonious relationship with each other. Since each planet symbolizes particular aspects of life, watch for those areas to be triggered, cleared, purified, strengthened, and renewed. Although the exact trine is on July 17th, the solstice triggered it energetically and opened our hearts to feel the harmony and emotions. This is a time of deep revelations of hidden desires and wishes and forgotten dreams. It’s a time of searching for emotional intimacy, deep compassion, introspection and perhaps some tears. The more we can slow down and be with our emotions, listening and learning from them, the more we will be able to gain the blessings this time has to offer us in a few months’ time. For a more detailed description of this trine, look here.

The second event is Mercury Retrograde. We’ve been in the shadow for about five days and today is the station point…the point where Mercury stops all movement before beginning to move backwards. This is an intense moment in time because, again, it supporting being not doing…slowing down. In fact, our perception of time changes as well, causing us to feel panicky and anxious because things aren’t moving quite as quickly as we anticipated. We may feel as though we’re falling behind or forgetting something or overlooking something. And guess what that forces us to do? Slow down.

Mercury will be retrograde until July 20th and will emerge from the shadow on August 4. This time, in addition to supporting a slower perception of time and movement, is also a time to re- everything…re-evaluate wishes, desires, dreams, jobs, relationships, purpose, patterns, behaviors, boundaries…re-do projects due to a different perspective or perception or more information…re-pair broken machines or structures or perhaps even re-make them altogether in a new configuration. This can be a time of re-flection as well which will also allow us deeper insights and flashes of inspiration. When these moments come, write them down…in a notebook or on a paper taped to your mirror or pinned to a corkboard or stored on your smart phone. As you collect these inspirational moments, a theme will emerge which will reveal to you the answers to the questions you are presently asking.

So, I invite you, in light of all the signs that point in this direction, to take some time to stop and simply be. Sit on the Earth…in the sun…in the rain…on the beach…in a stream…lake…against a tree…and feel the rhythms of the planet. Allow Her to calibrate and align you to this new tempo of life.

Surrender to it.

Go deep within.



Be in wonder.

Be in bliss.

And so it is.