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by Mike Reeves

by Mike Reeves

This powerful weekend supported a massive release, not only within humanity, but also within the animal and plant kingdoms as well as within Gaia herself. This release is akin to a slab of granite falling away and landing on Curry Village in Yosemite. Not only is there physical evidence of where the rock used to be…seemingly marring the appearance of the remaining structure…but the falling away affected the people, rocks, animals, trees, rivers, and plants wherever it landed.

Given such a dramatic experience on an energetic plane this weekend, it’s understandable that you might be feeling a bit of fear or anxiety…as might your children or pets. Something that once supported us and our way of living and being in the world is no longer there and we’re feeling raw, vulnerable, exposed, and unsupported.

Thankfully, this is only a perception…and an inaccurate one at that. So, here’s a protocol to assist you, should you need it, in recognizing that you are, indeed, held in the release.

We invite the Sacred Masculine to create a safe and sacred space…woven with flexible and strong strands of love and light…creating an intricate web…structure…container…with the appropriate sacred geometric shapes, healing holograms and mandalas.

We invite the Sacred Feminine to fill the space with Unconditional Love, Support, Nurturing and Healing Energy, Compassion, Grace, Flow, and Ease.

We invite any other beings of love and light who wish to participate in this sacred healing session to enter into this space, fully aligned to their higher self and the purpose for the session.

We invite you to connect with your Higher Self, your own spiritual wisdom, your own healing source, templates and power. We invite your team and body deva to do the same. We invite you, your body deva, and your team, at the level of your Higher Selves to connect with each other and your guides and enter this safe and sacred space. We invite you all to infuse your space with your intentions for this session, such as Peace, Trust, Safety, Joy, Gentleness, or Allowing.

We invite your soul’s family from home to come particularly close to you at this time…close enough so that you can feel them. We invite them to remind you how to ground into your galactic grids of home. We invite the same for your team and for your body deva. We then invite all of your energies…the team, you, and your body deva…to align together for the highest purpose potential for this lifetime together, reviewing your contracts and potentials and selecting and creating your future together. We invite your counsel and your guides to assist you in this process.

We invite you, your body deva, and your team, at the levels of your Higher Selves, to energetically locate the portion of support that has fallen away. This may be a habit, or a behavioral pattern, or a way of thinking or feeling, or something more physical like a job or a relationship or a car or your health. We invite you all, at the level of your Higher Selves, to energetically release all connections and attachments to this portion of support that has completed and fallen away. We invite you to do so with a spirit of humility and gratitude for the support it provided you in the past, honoring that it has completed its mission and is ready for renewal.

We invite you, your body deva, and your team, at the levels of your Higher Selves, to energetically locate the new templates and structures of support that have been prepared for you. Nothing ever falls away or leaves without a better replacement already present and ready for you. We ask that all tools, wisdom, mastery, synthesis, templates, user manuals, and interface programs be updated and configured for this new support structure/grid for the life you have created/chosen.

We invite you, your body deva, and your team to then anchor these choices into the new structure, aligning your timing components and manifesting tools with the trigger points on the maps and templates…harmonizing the three of you (you, your body deva, and your team) with each other for the greatest support, ease, and flow.

We invite your guides and your family to hold space for you through this shift, modeling how to use the space, tools, wisdom, master, templates, and interface programs as needed. We invite that after installation, a reboot occur during dream-time, completing early enough for the body to also achieve a restful night’s sleep.

We invite you, should you feel inclined to participate in this portion, to model these shifts to the plant and animal kingdom and possibly to Gaia herself. Simply reflect your new orientation of being to those collections of souls that you feel connected with and let them come to you. Not everyone will work with the same beings, nor do you need to. Simply offer information to whomever resonates with your information and let them shift as is appropriate for their spiritual evolutionary journeys.

We ask that all reference points, personality grids, ways of perceiving and being perceived in the world be updated. We ask that you are wrapped in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing in these vibrations to whatever degree is appropriate to your spiritual evolutionary state. We are in deep gratitude to Divinity and the beings of love and light who participated in this sacred healing space. We are in deep gratitude for their unwavering support in every breath and in every way. We are in deep gratitude to you for all that you do…in all dimensions where you express yourself…seen and unseen…and for the courage you carry in your heart. For as you live and express your heart, you change humanity.

And so it is.