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mmmmmmmmmmmm…..*delicious breath in*

Sometime yesterday afternoon I fell in love.

As the evening wore on it just increased to the point that by the time I crawled in bed I knew my eyes were shining with love and joy…contentment…happiness…an intense passion for life…sparking…glowing. It is now so juicy and intense and flooding my senses that it’s all I can think about…so I’m writing about it.

Here’s the greatest part…I didn’t fall in love with a swooningly handsome man…although a couple of them did cross my paths yesterday.

I fell in love with ME!

I don’t mean in a Narcissistic way. I mean that all of me…all of my aspects, my soul, my essence…is now fully awash with a pure love from Divinity and the Universe. We fell into it yesterday afternoon…fully and completely…no fear…just wonderment and delight.

And now, this is my reality…this all-encompassing Love. I am so engrossed with this intensely pleasurable experience that anything that isn’t infused with this Love is not at all interesting to me. This doesn’t mean I have no empathy for those in pain…simply that this Love that I am experiencing is waaaaay more important to me than anything or anyone else. I would much rather hold this space for people…modeling how to access this incredible experience…than to hold another’s pain and sadness (which only hinders everyone involved). This experience is sensuous…open…freeing…expansive…inviting…encompassing…inclusive…playful…dreamy…very much like the scene in “Saving Grace” when all the pot burns and everyone is dancing about.

I like this space.

A lot.

This is the energy we are moving into. On Friday, we experience both the solstice and the Sun shifting into Cancer…a water sign that focuses on the home and intimate partner relationships from an emotional perspective. It’s got a subtle movement to it, this energy, that is going to pulse us into deeper spaces and places of Love within ourselves. And, because we will be holding a deeper Love within, this will be reflected to us from our outer world.

So get your rose-colored glasses out…it’s going to be lovely 🙂

And so it is.