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For many of us, the idea of an Oversoul or a Higher Self is not new or strange. We inherently feel a deeper wisdom within us and access it to some degree on a daily basis. Some people refer to their consciences, or their gut feelings, intuition, or some inexplicable knowing. All of these experiences are due to a connection with our Higher Selves/Oversoul.

Most of the time the benefits to such a connection have been limited to personal communication between aspects of ourselves. Our focus has been inward, which is appropriate as this develops an inner trust with Self…something that must be developed before any further steps can be taken. So we learn to pay attention to our feelings and thoughts and body sensations in every and all situations, for these are clues guiding us toward our greatest happiness…should we listen and choose to follow those clues.

There are, however, other applications to this same situation and existence. One application is to communicate from Higher Self to Higher Self. I have often referred to this type of communication in previous posts and if it has been confusing to you, I will attempt to give a bit more information here.

When you communicate with your Higher Self/Oversoul you are communicating between dimensions. Your Higher Self/Oversoul is a higher vibration than your personality in this 3D dimension on Earth. Therefore, it exists in a higher dimension…one that vibrates or has a frequency that matches and supports its existence. This personality of you in human form is unique and only exists once. It is similar to an arm of an amoeba temporarily sticking out for a time then retracting into the whole once more. Once your personality retracts to your Higher Self/Oversoul, you blend back into the whole again…the full you. Any previous or subsequent lifetime experiences will be configured with a different set of attributes from this full you…the Higher Self/Oversoul.

What this means then, is that in order to access all of your wisdom from previous lifetimes, you need to connect with your Higher Self/Oversoul, for this is where it is stored. This also means that any connections you have had with other souls will be remembered at this level/frequency. For example, when you meet someone who feels familiar to you, you are accessing this memory from your Higher Self/Oversoul…you know this person at a soul-level, which means you already know how to communicate with this person…at a soul-level.

This is a handy tool…particularly when communication is so easily garbled or broken in this dimension. Message sent isn’t always message received. In fact, most of the time it is pretty safe to assume that it won’t be received as we have sent it because of experiential filters, semantic understandings, and vocabulary acquisition (as starters). So, I recommend experimenting with a couple of strategies when communicating with other personalities in this 3D dimension.

The first strategy is to communicate with the Higher Self/Oversoul of the other person. You can do this with known and unknown individuals. For example, if I’m traveling by air I will always communicate with the Higher Selves of the people I will meet while traveling…particularly those in the security check points and the flight crew of my plane. I will also communicate with those who will be preparing my food and sitting next to me on the flight. I have absolutely no idea who these people are in this dimension…just that I know they exist and will be there with me. So I ask that we all work harmoniously together to create the highest and best good and joy during our time together.

For those people I know, I use this strategy particularly in challenging situations…where communication has broken down or is severely limited. This can be due to illness, separation, a misunderstanding, pain, power differences (such as boss/employee or student/teacher relationships). In these situations, I communicate my frustration or pain or anger or whatever I need to express to their Higher Selves…always asking my Higher Self to translate and add information as needed. In this way I know I am heard even if I’m not heard in this dimension. I also have the opportunity to receive information from the other person’s Higher Self…giving me wisdom or insight as to how to handle the situation or future conversations. Again, I ask that my Higher Self translates this information so that I can easily understand it and apply it.

The second strategy is the most enjoyable to me because it involves communicating with those who I not only love in this 3D dimension, but with whom I also communicate fairly well. This strategy is to communicate with this person in multiple dimensions simultaneously. For example, whenever I talk with my brother, our souls are always connected to each other through our hearts. What I cannot express in words I send through my heart to his. Our level of communication deepens considerably, and our understanding of the other increases dramatically with each conversation. This connection is now so strong and so familiar that all I have to do is think of him and he knows and receives my love and information…and vice versa. We can also now discern between a message of love and a message requesting help or support. Both often result in a phone call the moment the message is received, and our communication continues…simultaneously over the phone and through the hearts/Higher Selves/Oversouls.

The energy shifts that we are experiencing this year (and will be increased at the solstice this weekend) support this type of communication. We are gradually moving into a deeper and more telepathic form of sharing information between souls, and that includes souls that do not have body forms in this 3D dimension…such as angels, Guides, and our teams.

So, I invite you to begin consciously practicing this way of communicating with others (if you aren’t doing so already). Begin by thinking of the person or people you wish to communicate with. Then ask that only connections of love be established between your Higher Selves/Oversouls. Open your heart to your Higher Self and allow the Love to flow in and through you. Sometimes the other person’s Higher Selves may not want to connect with you. When that happens, you may not have actually connected with their Higher Selves…you may have tried to connect in a lower dimension. So, simply ask that the connection be established in the highest dimension where the love between your souls is strongest. When you feel the connection has been established, start talking. You can talk out loud or through your mind…all is received. If there are no words to express what you wish to communicate, feel it as strongly as you can and send that feeling. Then wait for a response…there will always be one. It may take a few minutes or a couple of hours, but it will always come. Continue the conversation for as long as you need to before completing. And, initiate conversations as frequently as you desire…in this format you will always be received and heard.

And this is where the fun begins. As you practice and experiment with this form of communication, you will realize many applications of these tools. You can communicate with governments this way…with entire regions of people…with all beings of a particular mind-set…with someone you just passed on the street who is crying. In these ways you make a huge difference. In these ways you shift the world…and heal humanity.

And so it is.